Requests, Contests ...

There are too many requests and contests, these days ..
just I'm trying to overcome ..even now I'm doing another drawing for a contest!! 
You already will see soon
...have a nice weekend ;)


Music that Inspires Creativity

This song really inspires me!!! this is my favorite song from time immemorial. I listened to it again today after a long time! and now I understand, Some songs will never die :)
..... Enjoy the Music 

More Chibis ..

I think, i love drawing this kind of
they are looks like confectionery hahhaa :D

and Remember to visit my DA page for more

http://cubur.deviantart.com ..wish good day to everyone :)


Personality Profiles

Yesssss ..I'm back guys!!!!!
I know, i'm not here for a long time .. 
because, i work a lot these days!! new ideas are constantly coming to my mind ..but now I'm here!! anddd I'm dying to show them to you hahha :D
     Ok!! today, You'll see profiles of my scenario characters
You know ..this is my first scenario
so I want to get the best of ..and i'm trying to do this!
..... sooo I hope you like them





That's all for now ..Soon you will see others! :)



Hi all!! finally i'm here :)
Do you know i don't know but earthquake is happening too much these days ..especially in Turkey!
At this rate I'll die soon!! 
ahahhaha Ok! this really is not funny. earthquake happening 3-4 times in one day ..and This started to scare me!
maybe these events has a connection with end of the world!!
so ..the world in 2012 !.. isn't it?! 

ahahahah okay well This topic are really very complex  ..
there are too many questions on this topic ..but I think, that's enough for today ;)

Always take care of yourself 
.. because Just a few seconds of life
Know the value of your friends
.. one day they'll never come back
because You know, life is just Big Shit!! ;)


Constellation ..

Hey, Everybody!! How are you??
I feel good about myself today and hope you feel the same
because you know, came the Weekend!!! and this is good news for me ahaha ;)
Okay! Today, i'll say a few things you need to know about the scenario. you know, my scenario characters are not like 
a normal people ..They're unusual, has its own special powers! they represent the fire (Golda), earth (Roza), air (Raina), water (Mermaida) elements!! so ....
they are (NisAra) says *Constellation* for themselves :)

Already, something else couldn't be expected from someone interested in horoscopes ..isn't it? hahahahh XD
OK i'll not be here at the weekend
sooo, I wish a good weekend for everyone .. :)
don't forget ...
Never break anyone's heart! Not for someone else, live for yourself!! Don't care what they say!!! .. Be like yourself

Deal with it, man ;)                
................ see ya soon !!



Name: NisAra
Type: School, Drama, Romance, Supernatural Powers, Fantastic.
Release Date: 11/May/2012
Scenario: Burcu Bengü ~ Banu Bengü  
Draw: Burcu Bengü
Colored: Banu Bengü


      Golda, Roza, Raina and Mermaida they were survived that night from a terrible tragedy. Due to an event that nobody else knows, they had found themselves in a different world at a time. They have never seen a this school and have never met these students.
   There were two schools in the region they came from. Witches and Wizards for The Silverheart College, Dark witches and Dark Wizards for the Moonleaf College .. Moonleaf College was probably the most famous college compared to all the colleges. Therefore, teachers are hiding Marcus studying in this school. 
       Golda had a shot against each other in an incomprehensible relationship with Marcus .. Maybe a secret from the past or they feel their secret feelings towards each other
.. Is because of? Talented and a mysterious student is Marcus with fed forbidden love for her.. what could he do? In fact in the world full of secrets nothing is what it seems. 
   And sometimes even, cost of a wrong trust may be worse than death...


my scenario summary.. I hope you'll like it :)


Ice & Lava

people of the opposite worlds 
Cold and Hot .. Black and White .. Devil and Angel

 .....hahaha Ok!! XD
In fact, i'm just talking about two girls '' Enna & Magma ''

they really but Really don't like each other hahahahh
and There is only one reason that ..... only a boy!
ahahah Yeah!! but i will not say who is he 
...you'll see it soon in scenario ;)


Realistic Eye ..

Woow!! it really looks like the real ..his drawings really good and instructive! If you want, take a look at his youtube page .... '' http://www.youtube.com/user/markcrilley ''
These videos are very nice .. I like it!! :)


Two heads are better than one!!

Sometimes you feel very complex and alone ..now everything is absurd and meaningless!! you want to leave everything!! 
Because, just don't want to think of anything at all ..you don't know why .....just want it! 
Yeah!!! I know this feeling!! 

But ..just at that moment, something happens 
*still someone is with you*
in spite of everything!! He/She loves you!!!!
...........a slight smile

You're not alone, I'm with you .. forever and always

.. While people come and go in your life, but your bro/sis will always be in your heart for a lifetime!!
he/she always remains your friend ........!
You know this ... I know this

So, i just wanted to say I really love you my sister 
you're my everything ....Never forget it!!

I did this drawing for you !! i hope you like ^^


Sunshine ..

this is my OC ..I draw for contest!!
I like her shoes :)


Suicide looks so tempting right now ..

tired, sick, tired, bored, sleepy, tired ... argh!! 
I'm really very not good these days
 ....I don't know what to do! 
i don't want to draw, i don't want to do nothing
I feel awful!! I think, i'll not write this blog for a while
Life is really brutal and always hates me!! 
I think ..i have to admit defeat.

so, I'm going ..for everyone's sake! but I don't know when I shall be going back. i think, I'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time!!

Hope a good weekend for all ....

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