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♥ Flora and LunaHilaryAmayanight OC (enchantix) ♥

I love enchantix so much! so..i had fun doing it! Thank you again ^-^
. . . . . . . and Hope you like this!.



I really love this song <3

Have a great friday everyone!


NisAra - Mysterious Darkness (Marcus/Nacta)

Black and white concept with red roses .. 
*Kannarah twinbrothers ♥ ♥

also, its My 20th Birthday party today.. YAY!!! I'm so excited ^-^ 
. . wish you all a wonderful day!


Awesome Art - by *yuumei

I realllyyyyy love her Arts SO MUCH!!! Her drawings are Great! and always inspires me A lot ... So, i just wanted to share my fav one. *This picture tells a lot .. (awesome idea..wonderful desing) Really good! I just adore. *.*

For more perfect drawings
..check this out - Yuumei.DA


Also, I'm doing profile designs for my comic characters, these days. Desings will really take a little longer .. so, im just trying to draw more quickly ** I'm still pretty slow about drawing. ugh!
This is really disturbing!! -,-
Anyway, im going to do a little big profile page for them *School uniforms, Everyday clothes and transformation (for war)* .. I have already designed a profile page for them before. but I think..its just very plain and simple. So im doing it again (^v^)

Ok, that's all for now.. going, going..again.
. . Hope you all have a great day! 


Morandi ♥

..I really love him songs..very relaxing!..


Marcus portrait (other-style)

*fast drawing* 

I'm just trying to another style painting shapes.. 
This is Lily Style.. I love her Arts SO MUCH! so, i just wanted to try this. ^^

Hope you like him ♥


Sketches -N.M-

 Hi all ..

these days, I'm only interested in commissions.. so, im getting a little tired. but still, im alright ... and i did some my ocs school outfit sketching today. (wizard school uniforms) ;) aaaah...I wish I could become a magician **I really love cape!! *.*
Anyway, they are *Marcus and Nacta* I think, they look good with school uniforms ..my comic about the school..*witch..wizards ..magic ...etc.* soo I would like to draw my other character like this as soon... also, I've started to design a school for my comic..and This is a first for me...so, it's getting a little difficult.. -.- ......... But still I have to do this!!
*I hope i can do something good as soon as possible ..
Whatever, im going to go now 
                       ...Wish you all a nice weekend! :)


Great melodies

..i like this song. ♥


NisAra ..Diamond and Askook..

YAY! I finished ^^

Okay, this time..I painted this a bit different than the usual style for Diamond and Askook.
they are good friends..and If you look at it, their eyes really different. 
*especially Askook. He is just the most different and mysterious person of my comic series.. 
. . . I don't even know anything about him yet. lol 
(maybe it has something to do with Marcus ;D) hahah!

            and Hope you like them ♥

W.I.P - Diamond

Hi everyone!!

How are you all doing? I hope you're all good :3
Well, i know im not here for a long time. I'm having a really hard time.. and really dont have time..! So, i am quite tired .. But still, im trying to find the time to make my characters. 

sooo im doing my character Diamond now.. unfortunately, you dont know him..whereas, he is one of the main characters in my comic '-' Anyway, i hope that i find a little more time to draw him more..soon. ..But, im going now. half finished works, sketches are still waiting for me ^^

I wish you all a good day/and good weekend.. *LoveU all*

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