.:Merry Christmas:.

I finally finished! :D .. Well, I know it was quite late. but still wanted to finish..  
Okay..They are my family! Yeah x) Me, my sister, my mom and my cats ♥

in fact, I had planned something else for Christmas drawing. Maybe my ocs..or something completely different. but I really didn't have time for it. So then, i wanted to do something like that.. *Yep..Almost New Year! ^///^ and I'm excited enough.. but on the other hand..I'm planning that, i'll start to commissions as like early January. and for others *at a later date* .. 

Yep, that's all! Enjoy~


Com: Sketch Colored Chibis

Point Commissions for Chara-Katina

~I finally found a little free time for drawing. so now, 
I'm going to christmas drawing//<3 see ya all! 


Merry Xmas ~ Happy New Year

    Hello everyone. .

I just want to wish all of you a very happy new year. 
Hope your holiday is great! 

Okay...I know, it was 
a little late..Just...
I wanted to draw something for Christmas. but I guess, I started quite late. Because, this is still not finished... and I just gave up for now. so, 
I decided to celebrate Christmas to you all. and Happy New Year again ... 

Wishing you all the gifts of peace and happiness this Christmas and throughout the New Year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (ノ´∀`)◜✧˖°


BLEACH - The Villains

  Oooh yes~ I love Renji's new clothes so muchヽ(=´▽`=)ノ♥ 
He was just really cool comeback..and Idk why, but..I'm reading the same chapters (561/562) every day. aww Renji..plz Marry me!!! Okay..I can't feel good about myself xD...But..In addition, I'm sorry about Rukia..I may not draw her clothes very well. Because, I couldn't see very detailed. So..If there is something wrong about it, I'm just sorry for that. ^^" 

and yeah..I love this style clothes..and ofcourse
..I also love BLEACH and Renji so much! ~so just, I wanted to draw them.... 
      *Yep, that's all! Hope you all like this. ~~Thank you//<3


.:Daily Deviation:.

oh God! I still cannot believe it .. Well ok first,

Hello guys~
..How are you all doing? Hope everyone's having a good day today.
Yep! okay, today was a beautiful thing for me. I just saw something when I'm online on Deviantart. *my an Art become *Daily Deviation*
and then, I'm just shocked! **but i'm still in shock** and This was thanks to wonderful Azzedar-san ~~I have never imagined this. But this really means a lot to me..and so, I just wanted to share with you all.
Thank you so much again ~Azzedar-san~ this just made my day! ^w^

and so, hope everyone has a great day! see ya guys soon~



~Birthday gift for my sweet sisi (≧ω≦)


*Yah! I finally finished it.. ^^ they are her new characters. but I designed. (Just..A short time ago, she wanted something like my adoptables from me.. and *After her very insistence I did it.. so you'll see them soon in chibi form.) 

But now..time to celebrate. I'm happy to done in time :3 ...just Hope you like them .. *and i'm gonna get some sleep now*



Custom adopt *Sketch Bust* for my sisi.. her birthday soon (ᅌωᅌ*) 


Underwater Silence..

My OC *Mermaida. fast painting again. 

~Hope you like it. ♥ Thank you~


Com: Sketch Bust Pack

Point Commissions for  ILBEBA // Lucinhae
..I love them so much. They are very sweet girls! (*◕ω◕*) ❤


Commission .:Page9:.

Comic commision (Page 9) for HalfheartDroid001 :)

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