.:You are my prey:.

My entry for Lunareth and Azzedar-san contest.. 
Details here - CLICK

Hope you like this ~❤


RQ: Gladys

Gladys season 5 outfit for Musaintecna (*・ω・)


Marcus ~ Chibi Dump

I just made it a few hours.. ehehe XD He looks so cute...I would like to do more like this pic for my other characters too *lol*  For some reason, i got this new obsessed with chibi in these days... Gosh! They have so small hands and feets..and big head and eyes!!!! Awiiiii Ilove chibis ♥(*▽*)♥


Chibi Style..Boys

Yes...I'm finished (>▽<) 
My new chibi style drawing for boys..... Gosh..they have big heads  Lol! xD
...I still to work to a new chibi style. but I think i like it!! 

and Hope you like them too :*


Chibi Style..Girls

This is my new chibi drawing. This time..I used another style for my chibis. 
I want to do something like that for my characters too. but unfortunately, I dont have enough time for it TT_TT  Well...I have no idea who they are. xD I just wanted to work to a new chibi style... i'm still trying! . . . . . 

and I hope you like them. and my new chibi style.. 
(Chibi style..Boys are coming soon) ~Take care, everyone! (*^ᴗ^) ♥


Commission WIP.

LineArt Com. WIP..I hope i can finish it today! 
and ..Hope you all have a very good weekend.. (°▽°)


Im Back!! ..

Hey all. :)
How are you?..Hope you're all fine..... I just wanted to say..Finally, im back! Yeah! But still, Turkey is not the best conditions yet...nevertheless, i'm not going for this anymore. So now ........... Drawing Time! (・ω・)

Yeah..My head hurts and I'm pretty tired...but i really miss drawing. So i'm going for now ... I hope i can do some good things. :*

Also . . .
I had the opportunity to play a game yesterday (I wanted to play it for a long time already) and This was better than i expected.. *Test Drive Unlimited 2*
I REALLY love car racings! I really love Test Drive ◝(*▽*)◜ but this is quite a challenging game.. but graphics and Cars are so GREAT! So I still so love! So..
i feel just good now..and I wanted to share with you all a song from the game.




Hello everyone..

I'm here to let you know something important. I'm not gonna be here for a while...The reason for my country! "Turkey" I can't say what exactly goes on..but this is really not good. I'm trying to be strong..for win....I just pray!
so, i don't think i would have some free time for drawing..
Please, forgive me for a while. Thank you!!

...you can learn in here [link]

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