Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  Hello all! (*◕ω◕*)

Well, i've not been here for about a week. We had just some technical issues on our internet. but I think everything better now..So, im here again ^^
New stuff, new works, new commissions..Just waiting for me..
*So hopefully I'll come back soon with the good stuff*

But now..a little break time.
and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!

~Have a great day!~


Com: Sketch Bust Pack

Point Commission for Chara-Katina
..I love them so much. *I just love to draw Sketch bust* (´ω`) 

~i hope you like them


COM: Sketch Chibi

Point Commission for Lucinhae
..I love her dress. Just so sweet (≧ω≦)



  For some reason i dont feel good things for the future..as if there is nothing good. I can't explain how I feel..so i just draw something like that! idk why..i just draw! I don't want to feel like this anymore . . 


Commission .:Page8:.

Comic commision (Page 8) for HalfheartDroid001

Sketch Busts

Just simple things done in a few hours..
These days, i really need some points on deviantart..moreover, it is doing discounts on this issue. and I just dont want to miss it. so, I decided to open this kind of point commissions..I hope i can win some point! 

and hope you all have a good weekend! ヽ(^Д^)ノ


WIP - commission

ahww...poor girl**She looks just so bad...
I'm starting to feel sorry for her.. (╥﹏╥)

I hope that she will be better soon..and i hope that I'll finish this page soon. Wish you all a good weekend! ♥


Gift - colored sketch chibi .:Elf pack:.

Well ok... I love to draw chibi ヽ(^Д^)ノ
so, I just wanted to do something a few of my favorite artists on DA..I love them arts and characters! Also, they have done a lot for me..so, i just wanted to thank you .. *yeah that's all! and Hope you like it!~


NisAra - I Never Lose

*fast drawing in the night…I love him eyes〜

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