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Com: Headshot Sketch Pack

Point Commissions for Lucinhae // symbol-san

Awee~ I really love these girls. *Just so cute* Thank you for them C:
 and i hope you like them too~ 


Comic - Page 11

Commission for HalfheartDroid001 ~

I know, it was quite late..again. I just hope you like the page.
and Hope you all have a great weekend//<3


.:Happy Valentine's Day:.

  Hi dear all~

Happy Valentine's Day! just*I hope you all have a wonderful lovely day with your partner//<3 ( but if you're still alone..ehm...okay then today you sit down and just draw something. Because i'm doing it this way x) )

So, they are my cute ocs *Noa and Hai* I actually drew it for Arttrade ..not for Valentine. but I think they are appropriate for today. so I wanted to celebrate with them. just..Hope you all like them :3



Chibi commission for Blue-Galewind //<3
~it's his friend birthday gift *So sweet pokemon character* Hope you like her >w<


Com: Headshot Sketches

Headshot commission for Interceptor1986 //<3

 I just love him characters alot! They are really so sweet girls ; w ; .. Also I am aware, i'm not here for a while. and I'm drawing quite late.. So, the reason for this, I really don't have any free time to draw something for a while. Because, we have to do something about our house.. *just some home problems* but still, I'll try to fast draw. hopefully I will be more time for this soon..Thank you for your patience and understanding C:

..and also, i hope you like them~

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