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I wish you all a Great Weekend..!


Halloween (WIP)

Okay! I think, i'm dead ..
I just decided to do something different for halloween this year ..
This time, I'm doing it with pen contour line..and it's really hard!!!
I'm working on it for a few days..and I have to finish it as soon as possible !!
Oh GOD!!! Only six days left ... oO

I hope your plans are going well for halloween..
See ya on friday ;)


Music Time :)

I like this song ..


Marcus (sketch)

Marcus is working.. 
This is something he has always done and always will do XD 
Just..he likes to work and all the magic books on earth .. ahaha (color sketch) 

I hope everyone has a good day!
see ya soon ... :)

Stolen Arts ...

Argh! I hate people who do this .. It's quite ridiculous really
Why do people tell lies? fraud and lies ..Ah please ..Who you kidding? i'll tell *You're just deluding yourself.* So sorry but I find it unnecessary and ridiculous!!
I'm really tired of it.. Why you're stealing other people's art? and me?
Why are you doing this? I really HATE that!!!

This person stole my characters, drawings (Arts) [link]
I really dont understand what's written on this site ..
But plz..Help me! ..Report blog
I dont want to see more of it .. Also, these drawings are copyrighted! oO
ah, Damn! Please help me!!! = (


2 and a half weeks ..

Hi guys!
well okay ..Unfortunately, haven't been here for a while. I had problems with internet! God!!! No internet for two and a half weeks "It was like death to me"
But i really miss the internet .. so im just happy!!
Still, sometimes it's better to stay away from some things :)

okay but i still hate computer (or internet) problems! This is driving me crazy *ugh* oO Fortunately no longer, have no problem with internet..
sooo *im glad everything's ok again :)

*Really i miss all of you so much*  well, i'm going to do some new things. ok!
....see ya soooooon..! Have a Wonderful day everyone!! :D

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