Comic page5

Comic commission for ~HalfheartDroid001

Hope you like it!! =)


..Some Plans..

---                                           ---

      ~Art trades
      ~Character sheets
      ~New characters
      ~Unfinished drawings
      ~and others
---                                          ---

Well.. Hello all!
  first of all, I'm really So tired! I know, i must sleep and need to rest for a bit. But i really dont have time for it! I love doing this job! but still, im pretty slow about it! And this causes late completion of all works!!! So, im just getting tired..! I know..it's all my fault! But i can't think of anything else right now... Yeah! I'm a terrible artist!!!!! but, this is too much won't work out that way !
I have to improve myself! Argh!!! but I dont know how to do it! This is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!! I am just very incompetent///(⇀‸↼)\\\

PS:  im really sorry for being such a slow..and for my all these ridiculous words. 
I'm having a bad day!

Real Hero!


Songs that Inspire .. part 7 ..

I love the Japanese-china themed songs..*very peaceful*


【Diamond sketch】

I was scribbling something last night..I also have to do something else for him..But I'm still looking for ideas.. *Also, There are other things to do..i just had a bit of a bad day! I feel a bit sick!! Idk why! But i really dont like myself that way! So sorry for it! (✖‸✖) And now, There are lots of work to do. i just have to do it all
it will be very difficult!

Wish you a good week~ 


-The Dead Amulets-

The Dead Amulets..quick drawing for ~KashmirTxH 

she was always doing so many things for me...and so, I just feel indebted to her. Yeah...i know, this is not enough. But, i still wanted to make a small gift. **They are her characters.. So, i hope you like them.. ThankU (´・ω・`) ♥


..Some Quick Sketches..

.:The Dead Amulets:. for my sister (`ω´*) 

NARUTO ~ Kakashi Hatake

I’m just doing some quick sketch works.. Now, im going to the other commissions again.. I hope to do something good **


Comic page4

Comic commission for ~HalfheartDroid001

Hope you like it!! :*


Happy Friday The 13th!

  Yeah..today *Friday the 13th* as you know Friday, my favorite day of the week...But today, I'm having a really bad day! Everything was fine yesterday ..but today..im really really so sick! ..i dont know why. Probably has something to do with today. Or maybe, just a coincidence oO Whatever, i can't get out of bed today . . I just hope everything turns out better soon. (╥﹏╥)

Still, I wanted to say you all .. █▓▒░Happy Friday The 13th!░▒▓█
~~~Have a great day wish you all the best . . .


.: Commission :.

Commission for Floraiji30 (*ᅌᴗᅌ)

Hope you like them ~


The 2nd Hope Feat Melissa Pixel - Forever

I just love this song . . Have a nice weekend everyone!~


Com: Hair style and Color

Winx Hair style and color for ~ Extidra

I'm just trying to collect points these days for Deviantart..*for premium membership* it really takes a little longer. But i have no choice... I need points so..i should draw..more draw....more draw...draw....draw...... (๑ △ ๑) 
*ugh.i just need some sleep!

                                               ~Hope you all have a good day !!

..Pain is very close..

Uchiha Sasuke~Naruto FanArt *again*

He's one of my favorite Naruto character. 
I don't know why i did such a thing for him.. i just wanted to draw him. :P
. . . . . . ok, thats all! Hope you like it!


My breakfast~

 A sandwich and coffee is enough for me..and yeah, this is my *horoscope cup. *Taurus* :3 . . I have to admit that..i’m a coffee addict. I never draw without coffee.! Yeah..this is not good…i know -.-
Still, I can’t. And ok
…commissions waiting for me.

So..I have to go. again tiresome Monday.~


NisAra - Happy Birthday My Little Brother

 its my first mini comic.. :3

I love to draw like this things. But i always don't have much time to do them ...

。。Well ok, today is my characters *Marcus and Nacta* birthday! (ᅌ∀ᅌ*) So..i wanted to do something for them. You know..they are twin brothers ..so they celebrate birthday together. But Marcus never like this kind of thing..Today an ordinary day for him. But i can't say the same thing for Nacta ..he always wants to eat the largest piece of pie. So he ate all the cake now... X'DD *lol

☆~And now it's time to celebrate!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful day
..Enjoy sunday~☆


   You love someone. And he/she always tells you *im always with you* and then..something happens. a simple thing. And when you look back everything is different..You see that he/she is no longer not there!!! all the words...all the promise......all of them! All lies!!!! I was just disappointed today...Yeah! I hate that! But the way it is ...... I just wanted this day to be happy. And i tried...
But everything doesn't go always well as planned! Just ......
This fucking life is killing me!!!

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