Ria Sommerfeld

Ria Sommerfeld - Fan Art *Winx Club Style*
Yeah! I just wanted to draw her ..because She's really so pretty and Other people say bad things about her..! idk why 
but I really don't like it .. and I dont agree with them !!!
sooo i draw her. I think, she doesn't deserve these bad words! ..... 
I just love Ria ^^ ♥

Now she looks like chocolate .. *-* and I like it XD héhé
.. this is my first of different hair work. 
sooo I hope you like her :3


Requests Requests Requests

oh GOD! I really very busy these days!
I got too many requests from others ..and I'm still doing drawing for my scenario ** they will never end!!! O_O
okaaay I'm calm ..! XD Well yeah, i'm trying to drawing on the computer right now (hair coloring work)
Here are a few examples :

Yeah i know, they are not very good ..I guess, i still should study more about it XDD


New Transformations

Finally, I was able to make them all !! :D
I initially don't wanted to make wings for they 
..but later changed my mind! 
and now they have a new transformations with wings XDD
Well yeah, this is my first transformation outfit.! so, i wanted to do something different 
..their have large wings and different style!
As I said earlier, they are (NisAra) always says *Constellation* for themselves ..
They represent the fire (Golda), earth (Roza), air (Raina) 
and water (Mermaida) elements!!

..... you'll see at comic very soon for more!
wait for May 11 ;D


Work drawing on the computer

I don't know who they are!! I just wanted to draw... i'm doing drawing on the computer these days.!
This is rather hard ..but i think, I get it done ;)


The End of a Good Day!

Hey everybody!! How are you? I still feel Great ...I had a great weekend!!! How was yours?! ...*I hope yours the same ^^
   A great Sunday and A perfect Gift!! WOHHOOOO What an exhausting day! XD but I really had fun that day!! and I think, I'll NEVER forget it.. YEY!!!!
Already the weekend is over.. so now is the time to work
I did nothing during the whole weekend!! soooo very tiring day waiting for me pfff..
 ...and course, I hope this week not be tiring for you :)
Have a nice day!!!!


An Important Day For Me

YAY!! the weekend came early this week :D
I really very worked all week .. but worth it! 
because, not an ordinary weekend for me this weekend!!
... SUNDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY ... Yeeey!!! ^-^
so .. I'm very happy!! idk why ..Just i feel good ahah ;D
(((I hope everything goes well on that day))) 
ahahaha ok!! and I hope you're feeling Good too 
  Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!
see ya .....soon  ;)


Sketches ..

I'm trying to draw in different styles these days 
these are a few examples of my work ..

..That's all for now
I think, i liked this style 
soo Maybe ..i can do more sketches soon XDD
héhé (: Have a good week everyone!


Luna & Enna

This is my sister request .. ^^
she and me really very loves Luna character!! 
As I said earlier, Lunareth (http://lunareth.deviantart.com)
really inspires me!!! :D ...sooooo 
I wanted to draw together with Luna and Enna! 
(Winx Club Style) Luna is really sexy 
so, i tried to do a pose according to her ...
(I know Not so good!! 
I think, i should study a little bit more about it XDD)

Luna belongs to her http://lunareth.deviantart.com
Enna belongs to me .... and Don't forget to visit my page for more >>>>>>> http://cubur.deviantart.com :)


Bad Day!

Today, I really very feel bad
a lousy morning, awful new news, tear ...
I hate this feeling!!!! sometimes really want to die
escape, to go .....
but it was not!! There is no end of this game
I'm always here and with forever pain
this is a torture ..and never no end
I want this nightmare will end!! 
I want to be happy just now ..
I'm tired of saying ' I wish ' no longer
why do I write them? IDK! 
just I'm begging you ..i don't know who you are but
please .....


Winx Club - Bloom

Yeah!! This is my first Bloom drawing :)

© All rights to WinX CLub and Bloom belongs to Rainbow S.P.A. and Iginio Straffi. 
idk why now, I think just wanted to draw her..
..already, I'm still doing my best for the best!! 
more practical more work ..always ;)
Well yeah, Don't forget to visit my page for more ..


Happy Easter

YAY! finally!! but I think, i'm a little late for that héhé .. XD
I wanted to do it anyway! I love easter..
Ok!! they are celebrating Easter ..OC's Nacta and Enna 
ahahaha but Nacta don't like easter and other holidays ..soo he don't want to see her like this XDD

..I was inspired by this idea from someone! She's just amazing. and her Arts always perfect..
she really inspires me!!! so I LOVE her all Arts  >>>> http://lunareth.deviantart.com/ <<<<

I hope you spend a wonderful day ... happy holidays!! ^^ 



YAY!! I'm happy this month ..because, my birthday is coming 
and April is my favorite month!!!! :D 
soo I hope will be a Perfect month for you too ...

Ok! I began to draw different things these days 
I wonder why? :/ .......whatever
if you remember, a few days before 
'' I'm doing another drawing for a contest '' 
and '' You already will see soon '' I said! 
yes I finished!! But i will not put here drawing... 
If you want to see, 

I wish you all a good day and a great month ;)

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