Place of Work

This is my place of work..but just for night 

。。I need to finish comic on time ~  It’ll be a little difficult! ( ゜ペ)

♥【wish you all a great week】♥


Feelings . . .

Hi all...

well ok, Idk why..but, I feel really really so bad! and tired .. I don't want to do anything..maybe want to cry ..or something like that ..... But, i just wanted to write .. I sometimes want to go completely. and never come back .....Do you want to do it too? or im a really cuckoo .... ! whatever, such a thing will not happen anyway .. Sometimes i just get tired of feeling sorry for myself.
     These feelings are really annoying! ...sorry.



..His hair doesn’t look good. I think, i have to work on it a little more ( ゜ペ)


.:PayPal COM:.

Comic commision (Page 2) for HalfheartDroid001

I hope you like it! **

LineArt W.I.P. ~

I have to finish it as soon!(>‸<) 
But im really feel so tired! coffees not enough! 


Approaching Silence2

♥ Nacta ~ (fast drawing *again*) ...

I just wanted to continue...Hope you like him. <3

Approaching Silence

♥ Marcus ~ (fast drawing) ...

Just, i feel a little bad..so i wanted to do something like this. 
Hope you all have a good day!


Behind the Light

My oc Golda *other style* 
I did a few hours..I love to draw this type ..i'm just still trying :*

Hope you like it~


NisAra - SummerTime

Yeah!.. Nacta and Enna has suspended classes for a while..and Now, they are enjoying the summer at the beach. Hahaha! ;D But Marcus is still working at the school.. Well ok, i guess he never will come of his own accord to the beach..lol (>▽<)
Okay, this time.. I made a different hairstyle ​​for Nacta. idk why..I just wanted to make! xP But i think he still looks good..do you think?.. **

yeah so..I just wanted to draw something for the summer..and That's all. I hope you all having a wonderful summer vacation..
unfortunately, i'm having a my summer holiday at home.. (⇀‸↼)
....So just..i hope you all have great time ^^ and Hope you like them.... ♥


Kokoah and Daisuke

Commission for LeLocoKoko (*・ω・)



Nacta looks very different now..Hahaha...But i'm still trying to finish! 
GOD! I'm so slow about lineart!!! (╥﹏╥)

and Hope you all have a good weekend ♥


BLEACH - The Blade is Me

ohh YAY!!! Those Zangetsus (>▽<) 
This is my second BLEACH fanart! It's time for Ichiniii ^^ I did inspired by Bleach manga 542 .. I liked his new swords! *But I know these swords are not so clear.. xD Maybe later, i can do him with new zangetsu again.. I really SO love BLEACH!!!  

My first Kurosaki Ichigo, Ogichi Ikasoruk and Tensa Zangetsu drawing. 
。。。。。。。。So..I just hope you like them.. ♥


Do you See me Too ...

(Good song) I wish everyone a great day! (*・ω・)


IM BACK!!!!!

Yay!!! Hello everyone!!

Finally i'm back! So im very happy now.. (*≧∀≦*)
Yeah! this was a really bad memory for me..Gosh! i love my computer..
I just hope i never live with something like that again ._.
So yeah.. Thank you very much for your perfect words and best wishes..Your prayers worked. And i'm grateful to all of you..so..just Thank You! 

PayPal COM for Floraiji30  
Flora from Winx Club, Luka from Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae Wo Shitteiru 
and Seto from Yu-Gi-Oh!

I love you all!!!! See ya soon ;) 

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