Commission for PolahBear //<3
this is my first pokemon drawing *I'm sorry if it's bad* T///T  


Wild babies

   Hey all~

What is everyone doing? Hope you all have a great day. C:

Well..I just noticed that i don't do anything for a while. No, not just about drawing.. i can't even write my blog. So, I made ​​a decision for myself. Henceforth, I will make drawing faster. Yeah, at least I'll try to make that ..its actually a little bit hard for me. Because *you all already know that, I'm drawing slowly. and it just causes chaos. So i'm tired of progress in this way...I'm not saying I'll do it..I'll just try it *for the moment* I hope i can give you all something better and faster over time. 

but I should go now. and before I go, they are my sisi's characters Moksha and Kovo. I really love their designs. So sweet *w* There is no reason, I just wanted to draw them. So hope you all like them too.. also This was a little gift for my dear~ LoveU sisi

See ya all//<3

Wild babies for Kazhmiran 

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