Name: NisAra
Type: School, Drama, Romance, Supernatural Powers, Fantastic.
Release Date: 11/May/2012
Scenario: Burcu Bengü ~ Banu Bengü  
Draw: Burcu Bengü
Colored: Banu Bengü


      Golda, Roza, Raina and Mermaida they were survived that night from a terrible tragedy. Due to an event that nobody else knows, they had found themselves in a different world at a time. They have never seen a this school and have never met these students.
   There were two schools in the region they came from. Witches and Wizards for The Silverheart College, Dark witches and Dark Wizards for the Moonleaf College .. Moonleaf College was probably the most famous college compared to all the colleges. Therefore, teachers are hiding Marcus studying in this school. 
       Golda had a shot against each other in an incomprehensible relationship with Marcus .. Maybe a secret from the past or they feel their secret feelings towards each other
.. Is because of? Talented and a mysterious student is Marcus with fed forbidden love for her.. what could he do? In fact in the world full of secrets nothing is what it seems. 
   And sometimes even, cost of a wrong trust may be worse than death...


my scenario summary.. I hope you'll like it :)

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