Gotlica dollz

they are my sister orginal characters ..I can now draw for my sister hahahaha XD
Ok!! they name is: 

◕ Aphra
◕ Levara
◕ Candra

my fav. is white-haired *Candra hahha ;)
well, who is your fav??

New Styles ..

ugh!! I can't find is really a new clothing design these days for my drawings ..this is bad, because i need to do is always innovative ..and i'm not a stylist -_-

Still, i always find a way!! 

for example: japanese, korean girl clothing style hahahah ;)
..they are have really very amazing clothes!!! 

and so, they inspire me ....hahahaha i like them ;D
*-* and hope one day i go to Japan!!!! 



Unfortunately, the perfect weekend is over! 
yeah!! i say a *perfect .. because, yesterday was a really perfect day for me!! I'll not say why ...
Just i will never forget this date!! *26.2.12 
Thank you my little baby ..i love you!! :)

Hope you had a perfect weekend like me ..
I think, i don't want to say anything more than!
just always
..............Enjoy every moment ;)


Inspiration ...

Hi all ..How is everyone?!! 
Hope everybody is good and hope you had a good week :)
I've worked hard all week and unfortunately, i'll work all weekend ..! I think it's best for me!! 
i still do more practice about it :P

I'm listening some song to for more inspiration these days .. *calm and relaxing music .. This kind of music really inspires me! You maybe can call me narrow-minded ..perhaps right!! But nowadays, i really don't like new songs, new singers ..i think, no such thing as ''the real music'' now ! and this is very bad ..So, i still listen to old songs!!

and i think That's better for me ;)

Ok!! That's all ..
Hope you have a great weekend!!!

...........Take Care all :)


An encounter with the wrong ...

Yeah okay!! Today, i will give you some information about the my new first scenario .. :D 
I almost started to scenario!! 
I know, i'm a little too slow about it
But this is my first scenario and i was a LITTLE excited
ugh I just want to have the best of .. -.-

I started painting these days this kind of!! '' a moment '' XD

You know she's Enna and he's Nacta but ..
1 min, have a problem here
...omg! others?? Who they are???
hmm I think, Enna seems to be doesn't love them 
hahahahah but she's really ugly and that boy ..
ooh God! i can't look them XD 

If you want to know who they are
.. you know, will have to wait *scenario ;)

..............................more very coming soon! 


New ideas, New projects ..

Yeah!! as everyone knows, the good weekend is over .. 
and I have to work for a whole week! ..very Hard work!! for me this is perhaps best. Thus, improve myself more on this subject ..ugh but i feel really very tired -_-

Anyway i always know that, I'll never give up!! ;) 
andd i'm still continuing to create new characters hahahahha

Sunshine & Demetria

*I did them on the computer
you know, I'm still trying to be better .. :P
and have a New news
Very soon i'll start a my new first scenario ..This is really important for me!! and I hope that would be nice :)


You are Mine!!

Today, you will learn an important fact about my scenario! :)
.......Golda & Marcus

.. the lead role characters ..
and the most important fact about them:
Marcus really in love with her but she doesn't know it ..
and i hope this couple can be happy at the end of the scenario!! hahah ;)

I wish everyone a good day and weekend!
See ya on Monday ;)


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hey!! finally, I'm back :D
I feel a little tired but i'm happy !!! 
because, I'm finished drawings for Valentines Day ... 
YAY!!! this is really great news for me!! ^^

and ....


Hope you have a wonderful Valentines day :)

and If you want,
you can visit my DeviantArt page to see the drawings ..


Works ..

Yeah!! I'm very busy at the moment *up to Valentine's Day
..so, I will not write the blog for a while! 
Work Work Work .. 
I hope something good happens at the end of!! XD
i think, i'll be busy for a whole week ..hahah
but hope you have a great week

See ya next time!! ;)



Why everything in life is always wrong?! I'm here why?!!
everything was good! I want to be happy today ..
but now I'm crying! Why?? Because of stupid people
I did what to whom? Why NOW?? why am I crying? 
That's enough!!! I need to be happy! No one understands me!!
I very care about some things! 
But nobody don't care about me!! I just cry ..for nothing!! 

I don't want to say it anymore ..but 
I WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!
 If things keep going this way ..I really want to DIE!! 

I'm sorry sister but your sister is always unhappy!
........................................That's all.

New Characters

Yeah!! I'm still continuing to create new characters .. :D

but this time, I did them on the computer
Still, I'm working a little more for it '' very practical '' 

Twyla and Flare

but these names don't belong to me! 
my a few friends helped me find the names :)

I hope you like it!! 



Yay!! My favorite day of the week! :D

in fact, i'm interested to horoscopes .. 
so Friday, the lucky day for Taurus !! '' but it's true ''
This is why i love friday! ^^ 

ehm .. Ok!! i think, that's all .. 
I wish everyone a great weekend!! 

See you on Monday ;)


The scenario

Nacta, Enna and Marcus ..
I'm still preparing for the my first scenario!! hahah XD
Ok!! I'm going to start my scenario as soon as possible ..
I hope everything will be good !! ^^

......... more coming soon! :)

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