ArtTrade with TaSaMaBi

My Art Trade part for TaSaMaBi
~her sweet oc Luna..just Hope you like it//<3


Commission (Part 1)

Commiss for Senyou ~
He was just so much fun . . I really like him◕ω◕*)
and so, Hope you all like it too . . have a nice week~~ see ya all



Semi Realistic painting commission for evbruno91//<3 


Com: Headshot Sketches

Point Commissions for foxberrystudios // Asheydoo

.so different characters. but I just love to draw them (≧∇≦)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ..and ~i hope you like them too~


:Cute Couple:

Yesss..They are our new ocs.. Hai and Noa ~ <3 
..i love them..so just, I wanted to draw them... hopefully soon they would be more pics. but for now that's all.. Hope you love them too ~~ ^///^ 


.:Giveaway Prize:.

Congratulations to EssenceOfWhimsy 
for being a winner in Lilith-the-5th's perfect give-away! ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ

I really love her oc..he is just very mysterious! *o* 
and also, Thank you to Lilith-the-5th .. for allowing the me to be to enter of the give-away *This really means alot to me//<3

and I hope you all like him..Enjoy ~


Com: Comic - Page 10

Continued to comic *for HalfheartDroid001 **
it was quite late, i know..But now, I'm just going back to commissions. 
holiday's over now ; w ;  .. Enjoy!

Com: Sketch Colored Chibi

Point Commission for Ahkilah
just..Thank you so much for this sweet commission. :3


New Ocs - sketch

YeY~ they are me and my sisi's new characters~~//<3

We just love this kind of stuff..(like chinese dragon/dragons) So, we have decided to create them. He's belong to her Kazhmiran 
and she's belong to me  ; w ; ..yep, That's all.
Hope you like this cute couple too~


Happy New Year everyone!~

it’s my xmas tree from last night..Just hope this year (2014) will bring you all a lot of joy, peace and luck!! 

see ya soon with my new stuff everybody. Enjoy//<3

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