Tom Kaulitz and Ria Sommerfeld (We Found Love)

Tom Kaulitz and Ria Sommerfeld - Fan Art *Anime style*

they are my favorite couple ^^
..As you know, i drew her before (Ria Sommerfeld

and others still hate her .. also, they say they're leaving *Tom and Ria* and still say she's ugly .. Oh GOD! they're all just jealous.. Why do some people have to interfere in other peoples lives?! :S I think, this nonsense!!! and I'm opposed to it..i still dont agree with them! They would make a GREAT couple and Ria is so BEAUTIFUL!! *i'll never argue with anyone about this* So sorry.. this is just my idea...

Sooo just, i wanted to draw them together.. Sunset on the beach ♥ ^^
this drawing name is *We Found Love* from Rihanna song
I really love her this song.. *so romantic* ^^ 
so, i chose this song for them.... 

and I hope you like them!! :3

3 comment:

KashmirTxH dedi ki...

My sister is the beat,, my sister is the best,, my sister is the BEST!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!

god!!! Ohh God!!! CuBur this is amazing ... you're really soo sweet and pretty.. Ria and Tom looks so WONDERFUL!! I love them poses.. I love background dress and her hair.. No no,, i love this drawing idea and colors AND EVERYTHING!!! you're wonderful person ;) loveu

CuBur dedi ki...

ahahahahaha..aww Thanks to you sisi ♥ all the time *you know* ;)

so, Thank you very much.. you're the best for me.. Lovechu!! :*

KashmirTxH dedi ki...

you're welcome sweetieeeeeeee ^^ :)

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