I started to RQs COMs

Yeah finally I started! and I'm busy all summer long .. -.-
Anyway, this is my first request *she name is Saffy*
I draw casual outfit for her..! 

Hope you all have a great day ..
See ya on Friday!! ;)


New OC ..Cassi ..

This is my new OC!! 
*I still continue to create new characters* X)
Well yeah ..She name is Cassandra .. *Cassi*
and she's a warrior! I did inspired by 
Bananas and Strawberries ...... 



I draw her for contest (round 2-Sporty Outfit)
My OC Sunshine ...

I love tennis So Much!! my fav sport 
sooo i wanted to draw her like this *ilove her hair*
..formerly, i used to play tennis with my sister all the time
but unfortunately We can't play anymore! 
I really miss those days ..!
     Anyway, I hope you like her sporty outfit
and plzz wish me luck ..for the contest :)


I'm still alive! ..

Yeah!! I'm back ..*just 2 days* lol
I still feel a bit bad. but i'll try to be better ..Sometimes life becomes really unbearable.! and im a weak person ''sorry''
In short, i came back. and started to draw something ..ofcourse with music .. **Music inspires me alot** 
Yeah! Ilike that :)

Enjoy the Weekend ...! <3



Life is a Terrible Thing! And i am renewing it often.
I'm so tired of it all! fake smiles, fake friends ..Fake World!!
happy yesterday/sad today
I don't want to breathe
I don't want to eat
I swear ....
This life got me beat! I dont know what to do. I'm still alive..but WHY?
I Do Not Want Any More Pain In My Life!!!
Now just there are two ways
living with pain ..or death
I have no choice! Death is waiting for me in the silent darkness. Hereafter i'll not be here! My family wants me dead!! I have nobody! how can i be happy now?! ...I came to the end of the road!
I apologize to everyone and everything.
must stop here! I'm going ..
Thank you for your interest in my blog so far!
But i've got to go now.!



Birthday Gift!!

This is birthday gift for a friend of mine ...
... I hope she like this
I wanted to make a party atmosphere for today 
**celebrate birthdays with friends** {Chibi} ^^ 
They are: 
Birthday girl >> Luna 
Her best friend >> Olivia
Other best friend >> Azz
and Other best friend >> Damarthe *she's in love with him*
...and lastly My OC's >> Nacta and Enna
i just wanted to do them with my OC's ..**Luna gets along well with Enna** ^^

Well yeah!! I think, there is nothing else to say ...
again Happy Birthday too youuuuu Luna 
....and I hope you all have a great day today!!! :)


Continue in Comic

Yess..As i promised,  I continue my comic! :) 

'' I'll give two pages every week on Friday ''

but hereafter, I'll not put here *next pages*
if you want, You can follow the comic here
>>> http://cubur-nisara.blogspot.com/p/comic.html <<<

...Have a great weekend to everyone!!


WIP ..with Paint tool SAI

Hey all! ..beautiful weather today 
and I feel better *my headache had abated* ^^
Ok! Today, I'm working on a girl ..I have no idea about who is she [I just draw] XD and i just wanted to show you ..not done yet.. first time I tried a different eyes style. *yellow pink* I'm not sure but i think love this style ..héhé ^^

Well yeah .... tomorrow Continue to Comic
probably, i'll give two pages *I hope everything goes well* 
and .....see yaa tomorrow :)



Work, Work, Work .. arghhh!
I'm really very busy!! sometimes that makes me headache *
I think, i need to spend some time with myself 
but This is currently impossible! because, i'm busy until end of this summer ..! soo probably, I need to take painkillers during the whole summer .. ugh -.-
Anyway, I'm going to work again 
..and hope have a good week for you! 



Hi all :)
Yeah!! I know, i'm a little late for that .. 
but still I wanted to make a drawing for today!! 

they are; me, my Mom and my sister! 
Hope you have a beautiful day with your mother!!! ^^


Draw with Me ..

Hello everyone!! 
What'z up? ..I hope you're good :)
..I found a video yesterday while browsing YouTube! 
and I wanted to share .. because, He's really GREAT artist and this is reallllyyyy Amazing!! I don't want to say anything too much! This really impressed me!!
 ..... just Watch and Enjoy!

Click on the link for video with sound http://fav.me/d25ct6y
.. I hope everyone's having a good weekend!!
Have fun .. <3

NisAra Comic-1 (The Silverheart College)

Yessssss!!! I began to my comic (NisAra) ..finally XDD
Well ok then, i'll explain of the first chapter subject to you! :)


Golda, Roza, Raina and Mermaida they were survived that night from a terrible tragedy. Due to an event that nobody else knows, they had found themselves in a different world at a time.
They have never seen a this school and have never met these students.
   There were two schools in the region they came from. Witches and Wizards for The Silverheart College, Dark witches and Dark Wizards for the Moonleaf College ..but they are a fairy. So, many new challenges await them at new school and on the planet.
Let's see, what this new world is waiting for them ...


I give five pages *with cover* for the first comic chapter 
hereafter, i'll give two pages every week on Friday!

......Enjoy comic!! ^_^


NisAra Cover-1

YAY!!!!! Finally :D
..I began to my first comic !! * I die of excitement * XDD
tomorrow you'll see the first pages of the comic!! was pretty hard to do everything on time ..new logo and other things. But now ..I think, everything is OK!!! ^^ 
I tried to make my all the characters on cover 
**because this is the first cover ..
but i still think this was a bit cramped :/
  Anyway, tomorrow I'll write the first part of the comic on DA - journal ..and ofcourse I'll put a link for you :)

Well ok ...I hope you like this! 
Have a great time!!


but ..I still Love You!

Hey everybody! I'm back ..how are you? I hope you're fine!!
after a very bad Monday finally I'm here again ..
Idk why but i don't like Mondays!! hmm I think, everybody hates mondays! yeah??! XDD ahahhaa ok!
Well, this is my sister's request *again* 1/5 ( Enna & Nacta )

As you can see, Enna is unhappy again .. Yeah i said *again* ..because, You will see her often unhappy!!
She is the most unlucky character in my comic 
Nacta seems to doesn't love her but actually loves her!
but Enna doesn't know it. sooo she's always sad about it ..

... ooh GOD! date is approaching fast for comic O_O
and I'm still very excited for it! 
'' So I think, i started to draw nonsense things XD lol '' 
Well yeah, A reminder again ..The Comic begins May 11 
..Click here to learn the Comic subject 

and Don't forget to visit my page for more 
........... Have a Nice day everybody!! :)


Weekend ..!

finally, The Weekend!!! 
..I'm comfortable for a few days! No work, No fatigue 
aaaah I really wish i could tell it. -_-
but exactly the opposite, 
I'm too Busy than ever for this weekend
 ...and sometimes this can be really very boring!!
*Even if i hate it* .. i have to work all weekend pff
anyway, I'm going for work now.. I hope everything goes well.! and ... I wish that the weekend wouldn't be 
a tiresome and boring for you all 
Enjoy it!! ;)
See you on Monday ..


Personality Profiles

Yeahhh again characters profiles .. :D
you will see very soon my scenario! You can not even imagine how excited im for it!!
I know, i must be calm aaah but I can't XDD 
but, This is really hugely important for me ..I really care about it andd time is fast approaching ''11 May'' *-*
Whatever, okay then 
Let's continue to introduce the comic characters ...
This time you'll see the other side of the scenario 
**the bad and dark side ..





As you can see, 
there is only one girl! *but she is not just a girl .. 
ahahha ok That's all for now ..Soon you will see others! ;)

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