Golden Christmas

May the good times and treasures of the present.

Become the golden memories of tomorrow.

Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness.
(excerpt) ♥ 

This is her christmas dress .. Hope you like it ^^



FINALLY!!! Well yeah i know, it was too little late..
..............But still, i wanted to make a drawing for christmas!! :D

Okaaay you know *Nacta's power is fire*
So, he hates the snow, cold and christmas X'DDD
But still, Enna wanted to make a Nacta snowman !!! Therefore, he didn't want to break her ..and so Nacta is frozen XD LOL  *he seems cold and bad now* but still cute :* anddd *Today is the happiest day of her life .. Enna said "her favorite holiday is Christmas" ^^ she made ​​a snowman for the first time.. this is a special day for her ...And also... you can see above *chibi Marcus* .. *-* he's drinking coffee while reading book *still book* because you know, he likes to all magic books on earth X'DD


I just hope that everyone has a Very Happy & Peaceful Christmas 
and a healthy and prosperous New Year ..

All the best to you all for Christmas and 2013!

*** LoveU all!! Thank you so much for everything!!!! ^-^

. . . . . AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Never meant to belong

..just awesome melodies..
ilove music


... Wanderers ...

I just like this song and wanted to share
Bleach DDR OST-14 Enjoy!


Today is 21.12.12

But im still alive.. lol !! XD Some people made me laugh even *about it* .. But i really wanted to believe it! ..already this world doesn't look good..
... But I think "disasters" not today ..this prophecy will take place over time ! "climate change, global warming, tsunami ..etc." Already.. I'm not afraid of death! but still it's a little creepy..
haha well ok! Wish everyone have a nice day ;)


Marcus & Nacta .:REAL:. (lol)

ahahaha Okay! it's just a little fun..but I like that!! XD
I really like this pose (Bill and Tom) so, i just made ​​some changes on them!!
...I had a hard time for Marcus .. *his gaze, and his hair was a bit difficult*
but i think i did! X'DD and Hope you like them ahaha

Original pic : http://imgbox.com/adolo7mb http://imgbox.com/adxTXf0p
inspired by Bill and Tom Kaulitz..

2012 Art Summary

Yeah! this year was not so good for me ..
...So i just hope i can show you better drawings in the next years :)

Well .. see you on Dec 21st ;D ahaha Hope you all have a great day!


About Comic (new update) ..WIP..

Hi everybody!
..I'll tell you now my new changes for the my comic (NisAra) .
Okay! I know, i don't do new comic pages for a long time .. Because, im still undecided on pages! *style and design* ... So, me and my sister have made a decision on this issue!
I draw *now* our comic pages again!.. Yeah! I know, this will take a little longer ..But i think i should do this !!!

...Because, i have made ​​many changes over them. they're not the same now! no longer primarily, i dont draw winx club style! and I'm very hesitant about color. I want to make a black and white comic .. But I think i cant do this! *this is (black/white) not suitable for my comic .. so I think, i will continue to color *again* and there's one last thing .. I was a little bit change to comic frames. **slightly larger and drawing of different :)

and ..I'll show you my first three pages! *WIP*

okay!! What do you think about the new pages? *plz comment on DA journal*
...I'm planning to draw them all over again as soon!
and I hope you like new comic pages design ♥

RQ: Golda and Floroxy

Golda with Floroxy *friendly pose*




Okay!! first of all, it was REALLY very difficult to draw this gift!! ><
Because ..it was supposed to be a surprise. and my sister is always by my side! 
really, i thought that this drawing would never end XD but finally I did it! and that thing is very important to me :D

For you *sisi.. I hope you have a special wonderful day 
Thank you for being with me all the time! you're the best person in the world for me..
I think, i cant live without you! I love you SO MUCH sweety! 

Ok.. so i made ​​this birthday gift to you for your special day ♥ Me, my sister and our cat (Zuma) I just wanted to make a *chibi* celebrate the birthday party with family  [you and me forever] YAY!!! ^◡^

WELL OKAY!! that's all .. 
I think, there's nothing else to say ... 
again and again Happy Birthday toooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuu hon.. 
and i hope that the year ahead brings you lots of good luck!!

..Best wishes! Hope you like it! :)


.. War in Me ..

Well, you see them for the first time with wands .. I really love wands, witch, wizards, magic... so i would like to do more than of drawing this kind (with wands) My all characters have a wands..You will see them all as soon .. :) 

*and About Comic.. I just took a break for a while.. But, im going back as soon as possible "I promise" plz don't be angry with me! I'm just a little bit slower about drawing **

okay.. Hope you all have a good day..see ya *so* soon =)



Today, i lost someone ...
i thought i could always count on him. I thought he was a different from others. I thought we were friends! I HATE THAT but..I was wrong again and again!!!!
....wasted time..tears..fake happiness...good or bad! I cant write what i feel!

I know.. you never want to know. and you don't care about me!
but just, you need to know that You Broke My Heart !!! and You fucking disappoint me!!! Oh God! Why why?? I dont want to hate you now! You never understand! You never know! Im just so sorry ... Argh ..i dont even know who you are.. just...the only thing i know.. You broke my heart and i'll never forget it .. how do f**k you live with it?! idk.. but.
I'm done! and im going ..I never meant it to happen this way with you..
it's your choice! and so, I hope you're happy now..



Steamy Night

Idk why i wanted to draw like this .. But im not used to seeing him like that XD
*He comes out of the shower* I love him black hair !! 

ok..okay! It's getting hot in here ;D

wish you all a good weekend ..


Song of the Day

Wherever you go, whatever you do
I will be right here, waiting for you
Whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you ...


Bloom disco style (FanArt)

I love this style drawing *2D*
(: so hope you like her :)


Hello Kitty (fanart)

She's always so cute.. i love her! and just want to draw ^^

Hope you like it! <3


Pika Pika ..Pikachu..

One of my favorite cartoon character ..  =D
Pikachu is always sooo cute ^^ *i think* so I just want to draw 
..this is my first Pikachu drawing .. I was inspired by this song >> [link] << 

and Hope you like it !!! 

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