Old Project

This is my old project. Because then, i didnt want to continue.. xD
..so it remained incomplete. Idk why..Just i didn't want. 

Yeah! They are my Ocs Marcus and Nacta.. ^^ hehe.. They have big heads and eyes now. 
....and i think it's very cute..but Nacta dont like such things..Too bad! XDD 
I think, i'll never continue this .. Because i don't have enough time for it. hmmm ...
And also before this, i have to continue my comic! Ah....I really miss draw to my comic. 
I guess, i love making comics more than anything *.* aaaaaaaah ... I have to continue as soon as possible!!! *I like this so bad* ....ok ok! im going..see ya soon everyone! <3


plz Help???

It's so hard to be strong now! please..i really need...

...........................................................................................Thank you <3


.. We met on the streets like trash ..

YAY!! I finally finished!!! :D yeashh i'm a big Bleach fan..
or more precisely, Abarai Renji *fan girl*  XDD ahahaha okay! I recently started to love Bleach album songs .. they are singing..and Renji's voice awwww okay im fine XD 
So, i did this by taking inspiration from a *Abarai Renji* song ♥ I really liked this song .. 
and I just wanted to share with you all.. ......Hope you like this song too ♥ ♥ :*

We met on the streets like trash

Here the people are like garbage, knowing only how to live like garbage

We were together before we knew it, together at all times, we were like family 
The town is like garbage, the adults all thieves and murderers, the children like stray mutts 
We met on the streets like trash

No matter when or where we were together, we were born to see the stars

We all came here alone, clinging to each other in search of a family 
These are the brats that live in this town, a somewhat rough place 
To get out of a life like that, there's only one way

Let's become shinigami

Making the plans is easier than breaking free 
Untangling the ties that bind us is always difficult

Meeting after ten years has passed, our friends were no more 
...There's only one way

...Ahh, let's become shinigami

Let's become shinigami...


Okay! I guess that's all ^^ 
This is my first Abarai Renji drawing and i hope you like it!
© BLEACH -Abarai Renji and Kuchiki Rukia belongs to Tite Kubo

RQ: Tacierra and Mermaida..slumber party..

...This request for http://cutekalina.deviantart.com/
they are good friends..hehe. <3


Conflict of Moon and Fire

Yaaah !! Okay, they are Askook and Nacta*you know him)  
But this time, I see them in different ...FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! XD
hahahaha ..They didn't agree on much. But in fact they rarely agreed on anything. *Enna* yeah.. they both loved her ..and, and this situation is quite complex XDD I think, you must wait for the comic to more! i have to continue to as soon! **hard work hard.. ♥

and..Hope you still like my comic :* 


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

Hello all!

I just wanted all of you to celebrate Valentine's Day!
Not much fun for people living alone, like me..but still, Have fun everyone!!!
unfortunately, i didn't draw a something for today..maybe next year *héhé ^^

and I hope you all have a great time with your partner!

Happy Valentine's Day


... Commissions

I'm only doing coms/rqs in recent days..Work work work! 
im a little tired..but there is still a lot of work to do.

...so, im going, going, again! se ya soon *everyone.. 
I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!! <3

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