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Yesssss ..I'm back guys!!!!!
I know, i'm not here for a long time .. 
because, i work a lot these days!! new ideas are constantly coming to my mind ..but now I'm here!! anddd I'm dying to show them to you hahha :D
     Ok!! today, You'll see profiles of my scenario characters
You know ..this is my first scenario
so I want to get the best of ..and i'm trying to do this!
..... sooo I hope you like them





That's all for now ..Soon you will see others! :)

4 comment:

チャーミーキティ dedi ki...

I can't wait for the others characters :PP

CuBur dedi ki...

nhahahhaha daha çok beklersin!! XD

チャーミーキティ dedi ki...

haahhahahaha tamam pekala sen bilirisn.. beklemiyom huh....

CuBur dedi ki...

hahahhaha o kadar da değil beah!!
.....Şaka yapıyom
yakında görürsün merak etme ;)

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