Finally I finished ..! 
Okay! I changed Enna's transformation outfit XD this is her first pic. with different drawing style.
*You know, after that the comic will like this style drawing* and so I'm trying to draw new different style these days :3

I just didn't like her old transformation outfit .. 


so i wanted to chance *I think, i'm pretty unstable in this issue* XDD

Well yeah, that's all ..Hope you like her new outfit! ^^ 


Comic Update ..

Hey all!!

Finally, i've finished my comic for this Friday.. and so I feel good now YAY! :D
but ofcourse..I apologize for the delay! I hope that this would not be any more....Well, I'm going to work again ..
and if you want, You can follow the comic HERE

Enjoj the comic! ^^



Ugh! I'm so tired!!!!
and comic is not finished yet for today..I think the comic was delayed this week ..Really i'm working every day but... idk why..This work has been very mixed this week! *I hope everything will be all right!* I'm not hopeful but..Whatever! Okay, the weather is really very HOT here... 42-43 degrees (or maybe 44-45-46...) This is really going to kill me someday!!! Anyway, these days i'm drawing for her contest..



....Have one more *third* and I hope finish it soon..
Btw, i'm working on a new drawing! and I hope everything happens the best way it ..ugh! Do you know why I said like that?!.. Because everything are so negative these days!! and Some people behaving extremely strange :S so i can't understand in recent days these things!! I think *life has become unbearable now....

Well yeah! I hope you have a colder climate there
and..wish everyone a good weekend!!


Greenland ice melt..

I really feel very sad...I think no longer really the world coming to an end!!!
But, humans are to blame for global warming! I, you, them and the others.. everyone, Everyone!! Sometimes, i hate myself for being human! Because i think, we are (humans) are the most flawed and most horrible creature in existence...
so, This is not a coincidence! global warming, tsunamis, earthquakes etc.. this our fault..!sorry but it's true! and now, There is nothing we can do!! it's a pity!!!!

and if you want..You can watch video (about Greenland ice melt) in HERE ...


Astral Travel!!

Yeah!! I believe that such things ..Already, i am interested in Astrology and Horoscopes and Tarot and Astral Travel!.. but it's a much deeper problem ..
still idont understand..Why do people believe in horoscopes and stuff like that?! ofcourse, everyone's own intellectual..indisputable colors and tastes! But still i cant understand.. Anyway, today i watched a movie about this subject..''Stranger with My Face'' yeah! this is little an old film..but I watched the new XD and I think, the movie is really good..* subject of the movie, players (Actors & Actresses) * I really like it!!
In summary, this movie is about a twin sister and Astral Travel!

I think are worth watching ;)


Wakamiya Kanata (WIP)

GOD!!!!!!!!! I think i really fell in love with him...
A while ago, me and my sister watched this (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitte Iru) cartoon. and now I FELL IN LOVE with a fictional character ..Gosh!! I must be mad oO but I really like him *-* his eyes, voice, gaze, lips aaaaaah!!! I'm not feeling well..but He's so sweet.. awwww

 sooo I wanted to draw me and Kanata-sama (anime style).. idk why! XD just wanted! ........and is not over yet..but still, I wanted to show you
I'll try to finished this sketch as soon as possible :*

I tried so hard for him..so, Hope you like this!! ^^


Bad Friday..

Yeah!! in fact, friday is my lucky day!!
But i had a really bad day on this friday..ugh! -.-
Well, i think will not write nothing more

My comic is continues..
if you want, You know where to look ;)
checking out - Comic

Hope you have a great weekend!!!!


Marcus - Shadowblank

Yeah!! This is my OC Marcus.. x)
As I said before, i changed the drawing style of my male characters ..
I'm always made many changes for Marcus!! sooo I'm glad to
 i have found a style for him at the end .. ^^

Shadowblank is his snake's name.. 
He has the power of hypnosis *and Arcane* 
He's always reads books on black magic.. 
He's really the most powerful and King!! 

and I hope you like him ..and Have a nice week to everyone :)

NisAra - new style sketch

Okay!! I'm working on something in the last few days..
I change my boy drawing.. yeah!!

.. I confess, i don't like this style


I think, their eyes large and hairs... ooh Ok idontlike!!!!
soo.. I decided to change!! But then winx style girls *not good* with men .soo I had to change them!! I really thought about it.. and then I decided that this is the best style ^^

I was inspired by Maya Fox (c) Iginio Straffi

She's really beautiful soo I love her style ... ♥
....and After that the comic will like this style drawing :3

I hope you like them!!!! ^^


Continue in comic ..

Yeah!! as I said, finally i continue my comic again
.. after one month XD (so, sorry..i just need a little rest)

as usual, i'll give two pages every week on Friday!
if you want, You can follow the comic HERE ^^
Hope you like it
..and Have a nice weekend !!!! :)

Birthday gift..

This is birthday gift for a friend of mine.. but this is Lunareth's request :)
I love their all characters *and LOL comic.. so I like to draw them!!! ♥
They usually fight.. soo I wanted to draw something like that ^^
Orcoo plans: eat to all the cake ..and Luna angry to him for this *I think, she'll soon be on top of him with big fork* XDD

Well yeah, I think, that's all .. ♥ ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ORCOO!!! ♥ ♥
....and I hope you all have a perfect day today!!

btw, i'll come back in today .. I'm going for a few hours only
*you know* Today is a Friday ;)
.......and finally, I continue my comic
Yeah!! as you know, I suspended one month for comic
but now time to continue héhé

See you in a few hours ..


If This Ain't Love

Sophie Ellis ..
I really love her, her face and her songs!
so I wanted to share an old song from her..i love her this song and (Get Over You) ^^ People often forget the old songs ..and This goes for me  XD
But i still love more than the old songs! I think, i'm a hidebound person hahaha

Well, Enjoy the Music ... :)


DarXdea ..dark portrait..

Hi all!! Whatz up?? I hope you are having a good day :) I'm still working.. XP
Anyway ... today, I draw me and my sister OC's Nacta, Marcus and Enna.. *dark portrait style* I love draw them so much.. so, I hope you love to see them ..héhé :)





Well okay, That's all! ^^
Hope you have a nice day! See ya soon.. ;)


Working time ..!

Hey all!! Yeah, unfortunately, ended the weekend ..and now Working time!
these days, almost everyone says *I miss your comic* to me on DeviantArt ..(including me) XD
and so, I think, it's time to continue!! Work Work Work ..

Well, I draw request, commisions right now .. and if you want to see,
check out of folders *above* ^^

Hope have a nice week to everyone..

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