Constellation ..

Hey, Everybody!! How are you??
I feel good about myself today and hope you feel the same
because you know, came the Weekend!!! and this is good news for me ahaha ;)
Okay! Today, i'll say a few things you need to know about the scenario. you know, my scenario characters are not like 
a normal people ..They're unusual, has its own special powers! they represent the fire (Golda), earth (Roza), air (Raina), water (Mermaida) elements!! so ....
they are (NisAra) says *Constellation* for themselves :)

Already, something else couldn't be expected from someone interested in horoscopes ..isn't it? hahahahh XD
OK i'll not be here at the weekend
sooo, I wish a good weekend for everyone .. :)
don't forget ...
Never break anyone's heart! Not for someone else, live for yourself!! Don't care what they say!!! .. Be like yourself

Deal with it, man ;)                
................ see ya soon !!

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チャーミーキティ dedi ki...

heeehh.. güzel olmuşş ^^

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