running...,crying...,smiling ....... Alone

songs that inspire *part 5* ...


Golden Glow

My original character Golda... (fast drawing)

...I will continue with a few things like that soon...
                                                               Hope you have a great week! ^^


Tom Kaulitz and Ria Sommerfeld (We Found Love)

Tom Kaulitz and Ria Sommerfeld - Fan Art *Anime style*

they are my favorite couple ^^
..As you know, i drew her before (Ria Sommerfeld

and others still hate her .. also, they say they're leaving *Tom and Ria* and still say she's ugly .. Oh GOD! they're all just jealous.. Why do some people have to interfere in other peoples lives?! :S I think, this nonsense!!! and I'm opposed to it..i still dont agree with them! They would make a GREAT couple and Ria is so BEAUTIFUL!! *i'll never argue with anyone about this* So sorry.. this is just my idea...

Sooo just, i wanted to draw them together.. Sunset on the beach ♥ ^^
this drawing name is *We Found Love* from Rihanna song
I really love her this song.. *so romantic* ^^ 
so, i chose this song for them.... 

and I hope you like them!! :3

CE & COM ..

Yeah! I can't draw for a long time..
..and contests*requests*commisions are waiting for me! soo drawing time ^^ héhé

Kohana and Rosario (Contest)

 Minnie (casual outfit)

I will come back in today again ;) 


My first Video..

Hi all!!
Whatz up? What's new? I hope you're good.. :)
I'm trying to do new things,these days... Sooo i decided to record a video! ^^
Well Yeah! This is my first video.. *ihope you like it*

I know..Not so good!! But this was the first for me..**i'll try to be better ^^
So okay!..I'll come back for new things as soon as possible..but I gotta go now
take care of yourself ..See ya soon ;) *Hug*


Summer with friends (by Lunareth)

OMG-OMG-OMG-OMG!!!!!! OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really don't know what to say!!! She will kill me one day XD
This is her Art and no longer my fav. Art! She wanted to make a drawing for her friends and Enna is there too..Awwww...how sweet !!! She looks soooo perfect! and I love her monokini SO MUCH! and her hair style Ahwwwwwwwwwww i just feel so happy now! and i don't know what to say! I ADORE THIS DRAWING my sweety .... THANK YOU VERY MUCH again!
You're always the Best! ^-^ Thank you thank you thank youuuu ♥ Muwah!!! :*

If you want to visit her DeviantArt page...Click here http://lunareth.deviantart.com :)


sketches sketches sketches...

Well I decided, i'm very irregular about drawing..
A lot of sketches!!!I don't know how do finish them off.....ugh!
Already as you know, Comics - no update this week.. and also.. I'm really so sorry for this -_- 
I think, i have to develop myself about it as soon as possible *draw faster*
Well yeah, i've got too much work to do...So, I'm going... tomorrow is terrible monday *i really just love friday* hahaha ok.. 
Take Care everyone

See ya soon... ;)


Relaxing music 2

...I love Hillsong music:) *and this video is great! truly spectacular nature*

Relaxing music 1

These songs really inspire me *about drawing* so, just I love it! <3


Contest prize for me..by Lunareth

As you know, I joined a contest about a month ago..(Wayfarer-Adventures Contest) and..unfortunately did not win.! But didn't feel sorry..because, she's really deserving to won!! ^^ they're gave gifts to everyone.. :D and this is awesome!! *because, anyone doesn't do this*
Lunareth - she's just Awesome artist and I adore her all Arts!! and this is her prize to me..Oh GOD! She's really so fast about it!! *.* ''and im still so slow'' 
Anyway, I just wanted to share for you...because, Amazing cute!!! This is *my OC* Enna chibi ahwwwww I REALLY LOVE IT!!!!!!! :3 and I think, i'll not write anything more...she's just make me so happy right now! soooo just....

Thank you very much Luna ♥ You're just Amazing!!! LoveU ^-^

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