- The Bloody Lust - (Pisacha)

Hello everybody! ~ 
Today, I will talk to you all about my new comic.. ◝(◕▿◕)◜
                     **The Bloody Lust**
  Well ok, you already know..This comic is not like NisAra. Just have a very different subject. Perhaps erotic ... Between these two men. Yeah! So I think, i will not publish it on deviantart. So (This comic will be +18) . . I still don't know how to do it. but I want to do it! .... And, i don't know anything about the when will i start this comic. But i already started to write comic subject..
Also, Pisacha is not my main character on The Bloody Lust comic..I just loved him. So, i wanted to draw him for promotion... *You've seen this picture already here before *click* And I will introduce to you all the characters soon..But that's all for now! ... Yeah! This type of thing for me will be the first.
.........and so, i'm just very excited!!! (*✖∀✖*)

*PS: ..if you dont like that kind of stuff..(Yaoi/Gay..etc) Ok..it's your choice. 
But please, just don't send me bad comments about that. 

Hope you like it ~ Thank you


Open your eyes - Tom Kaulitz X Ria Sommerfeld

Tom Kaulitz and Ria Sommerfeld - Fan Art *Anime style* (again)

  Well ok, as you know..i drew her (Ria) twice before. and for now...
I dont know why i draw them again xD I just wanted to make. In fact, i have been thinking of this for a while. (About draw them again) But previously, i really dont have free time for them... -.-  and so...I really enjoyed drawing this because *you already know* I love this couple ... 

And... I just wanted to make a sweet morning for them. :3 So yeah.. others still and still hate her. But no longer, i dont mind it .. Anyway, i'm already not going to talk about it. Just, I wanted to draw them one more time...

and . . . hope you like them. ~ ^^ 


Whispers in the Dark . .

I really love this song and guitar melodies. Really great! ♥


Satan by Kazhmiran ~WIP~

Yeah..She did this..i didn't... I just love him and his gaze ** 
so i just wanted to share with you all. I've mentioned this before, he is my other comic character. you'll see anyway soon ^^ 

Thank you ~ ♥

.:PayPal commission:.

Comic commision (Page 3) for HalfheartDroid001

I hope you like it! **


~ Marcus and Golda ~

~ Marcus and Golda ~

Work Work Work!
I did something like cover..I'm just working for my comic. Always takes a little time to design something . . 

Yeah..Weekend is over..but works never ends. 

Have a great day everyone ~ 


.:About comics:.

Hei everybody~

Today, i want to say you all a few things about my comics..Yeah my comics...I have two separate comic project *except NisAra* and i will share one of them with you all very soon . . I'm really excited! (*✪▽✪*)

Well ok, I have to say first..This comic is not like NisAra. Just have a very different subject. Perhaps erotic ... Between these two men. Yeah! So I think, i will not publish it on deviantart. So (+18) lol . . I still don't know how to do it. but I want to do it! but for now, that's all! I hope to come back with new information as soon.

I went to the drawing for now!~



LunaHilaryAmayanight OC and her friend (enchantix)

I hope you like it!! ~ ♥ 


.:Mystery in the Moonlight:.

   My characters..Marcus and Askook. I just wanted to take a break for a few minutes about commissions..so i did my ocs. They are my most mysterious characters on my comic…So…There is a secret bond between them ;)
- - 

~That’s all..for now…
I’m going for commissions again. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


.. My sister’s new Facebook page ..

Also, I forgot to tell you all ^^" 
this is my sister new FB page..so plz everyone..just click "like" ~Thank you! 

.:Her other addresses:.

Thank You!!!

Hi all!

Ok..*I just wanted to tell you all..I would like to thank you so much for your support and your best comments! This just really means a lot to me! *I hug all my supporters* THANK YOU!!!! ..Just wanted to say this..

~Love you all so much! (⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Also, I'm currently working on a project..But i'll not say what it is .. this is a surprise ;) . . . . Have a great day everyone ~ see ya!


A few scratches . .

Hello all! Well ok, i just wanted to share these sketches with you all . .

Last night i just made a boy character.. But i think he can’t adapt on my comic..hmm….then i do another plan for him ;)

*Closed for commissions..Long jobs waiting for me...see ya soon everybody! 
Hope you all have a good weekend!!


Uchiha Brothers ~

Finally, I found a new chibi style to me… ヽ(⁰▿⁰)ノ 

It’s really hard for me…but now I think they’re sweet. This is Naruto FanArt *again* I just want to draw them...Because i love these characters 
and i love Uchiha brothers story..

   Ok! Hope you like them。。Thank you!


Marcus ~ W.I.P.

I already put before..but later, I found it ugly.. So i'm just doing a simple edit . . . I hope that next time *i can love it .. (✖___✖) . . for now it seems to be a good.


Good song ...

Again.."Test Drive Unlimited 2 Soundtrack" 
I love this game songs! Just so relaxing . . 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


The simple things in a few hours..

I just tried some drawings . . .  
~Me/My sister characters and FanArts~ Just some stuff

BLEACH - Byakuya///Renji
© BLEACH -Kuchiki Byakuya and Abarai Renji belongs to Tite Kubo

The Dead Amulets - Moran//Rann//Auriga
© The Dead Amulets -Moran, Rann and Auriga belongs to Kazhmiran//CuBur

Naruto - Madara///Sasuke
© Naruto -Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Sasuke belongs to Masashi Kishimoto 

NisAra - Marcus///Pisacha
© NisAra -Marcus Kannarah belongs to CuBur//Kazhmiran
© The Bloody Lust -Pisacha Sessa belongs to CuBur//Kazhmiran

In fact, I need to do commissions! But i'm really sick today .. I finished them last night..and today, i can't get out of my bed!!! GOD! I hate it!! But i can't think of another thing..I guess, i need to get some rest (╥‸╥) I hope that is not a any problems about the commissions.. I just feel so messed up right now!!!




Just some colored sketches..I love to draw chibi** I hope that will be enough time for more. But now only two ^^ ..have a great weekend everyone! <3 

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