Work ....

Yeah!!  the weekend is over  .. this is bad!! because, I have to very work these days ..Very hard Work!! ugh .. -.-



I would like to draw like this ..at the moment!
in fact, i'm tired of requests and contests! :/ 

So i would like to draw different things ..example of this!! she have a big head and a very big eyes
..also don't have fingers! She's pretty!!
I think, i would like to draw More Chibi ...  hahah :D

Have a good weekend everyone ..!



Sometimes I really want it! '' death ''
It sounds like everything is nonsense to me .. idk why 
but I feel like everything will END!! 
...everything is in vain!!

I don't want to more say something ..that's all!!


New Character

Hey everybody!!
I hope you have a great weekend..! 
I'm working to weekends, unfortunately 
...But, sometimes this job is fun :D
and I always love to create characters .. hahaha
so, I would like to introduce you to a my new character!! 


I know, she's so pink
but pretty *-*
she has power of Rainbow Shines
.. and she is Sweetix Club member!! :)

So, I hope you like it ^^
Have a good weekend!!!!



YAY!!!  my scenario is coming soon

This is preview .. Nacta and Enna!! 
I don't know why we have created the characters in this way
but I think, i love them .. héhé ^^
They always fight!!
 ..so, You will almost always see them that way!! 
*but they fall in love with each other* XD lol
me and my sister Orginal Characters
......... more coming soon!


I'm Very Busy!!

HEY!! I'm back .. :D
but I'm busy at the moment!
 in fact this is a bad .. because, I would like to draw different things ..and it's seems very difficult to! =/
nevertheless I'm not unhappy!!

Well, what has changed in a few months ?!
ehm ..in fact Nothing XD
Just, i learned some facts of my life ..good and bad things
But I don't care anymore!!
I think, everything is stupid in life XD hahah ..
still, sometimes I feel very bad ..and I want to die .. leave everything
haha but this is Really not easy !! and ridiculous XD

So ...
I gotta go *again !! Work Work Work
Take Care all! :)

Have a good day .. 

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