Two heads are better than one!!

Sometimes you feel very complex and alone ..now everything is absurd and meaningless!! you want to leave everything!! 
Because, just don't want to think of anything at all ..you don't know why .....just want it! 
Yeah!!! I know this feeling!! 

But ..just at that moment, something happens 
*still someone is with you*
in spite of everything!! He/She loves you!!!!
...........a slight smile

You're not alone, I'm with you .. forever and always

.. While people come and go in your life, but your bro/sis will always be in your heart for a lifetime!!
he/she always remains your friend ........!
You know this ... I know this

So, i just wanted to say I really love you my sister 
you're my everything ....Never forget it!!

I did this drawing for you !! i hope you like ^^

2 comment:

チャーミーキティ dedi ki...

Thnk you sweetie.. I LOVEEE YOUU ^^

CuBur dedi ki...

you're welcome sisi ^^

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