Lights, lights, lights ...

♪..♫ You show the lights that stop me turn to stone 
You shine it when I'm alone 
And so I tell myself that I'll be strong 
And dreaming when they're gone ♪..♫


Cute gift from my sisi

Aweeeeeeeeeeee.... I LOVE THIS GIFT SOOOO MUCH!!! 
My sister is the BEST! =D Omg! I really adore her chibis !!!!! They always looks so SWEET and CUTE and LOVELY and AWESOME and PERFECT and and and awwwwwwww I think im your fan sisi XD hahahaha ...

Just THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for this wonderful gift!
............................Its touched me the most!
Thank you ♥ Thank you ♥ Thank you ♥ Thank you
**you're always perfect** but you already know ... ^^ héhé
Thank you again! You've really made me very happy!!! LoveU ALOT! ..xoxo.. :*

New styles .. (sketch)

I'm just trying a new drawing shapes..for my girl OCs !!

Marcus and Golda

 But im still undecided about this..and feel very tired right now. 
So, just going on a break for a few days ..! Also im having a little trouble with my family ... *especially about my cats* this for 2 days made me pretty tired and not being able to sleep at nights .. It's not good! ugh!!! so just, i hope everything gets better as soon!! Because this is really annoying..! Anyway, im still sure there's a way :)

and hope you all have a good week.. *love* 
........see ya soon!


Have a great weekend everyone!


18 +

Oh Hell nah! I like these cute sex positions !!
..hahahaha well okay!! They are My OCs *Nacta and Enna* XD They are always doing things like this! so just i wanted to do something like that for them (Original pic [link])
ok! thats all!! Hope you like them.. hihi X'DD


Exhausting work days

Ah, hello everyone!
Okay, i feel very tired lately. Don't know why, but I just wanted to write my blog..these days ..I only draw for requests and commissions on DA!.. and really *This list is too long. ugh! why i'm so slow with drawings ..I think so, it will take a very long!! *60 odd RQ/COM*
and also, I'm trying to draw for my comic! You know, I draw *old pages* again. It was a little difficult.. and btw, I dont know why but i cant sleep well at night
-_- I just dont know what I should do! This is starting to annoy me!! And so, im very tired of all..!
I think ..i need coffee !! Maybe It's just helps me feel a little better..
and I hope you all had a good Monday! **see ya ..


New ID on DA

YAY! My OCs, my sister and Me! xD

Ok! I've been trying to finish it for a few days ..
they looks like so great and unusual person .. hahah ! 
orange hair - me and blonde hair - my sister. You already know the rest ;D But still, i'll tell .. 
*left to right .. Nacta, Me, Marcus, My sister, Enna... you can see ID here
I just love this kind of pictures..! I look cute in here *but even if not* X'D

Okay..that's all! Hope you like this. 


.. Just Trust Me ..

This is an old sketch .. i just wanted to finish it! 
♥ ~~~ theirs is a hopeless love ~~~ ♥

Hope you all have a great weekend.. see ya next week! :)

Manga Studio 5

I need this...*-*


Very good song ...


Marcus and Nacta in BLEACH ..sketch..

Well ok! I have to admit, im a crazy Bleach fan in these days 
and *Renji fan girl* XD they're really good and I noticed that .. 
Kuchiki Byakuya looks a lot like Marcus / Abarai Renji looks a lot like Nacta !!! oO so, I just wanted to draw them together .. and Now *Marcus is a shinigami  LOL but still I like this idea xD I want to finish this sketch as soon as possible! But **this seems a little hard to believe :P
Anyway, they are (left to right) Kuchiki Byakuya, Marcus, Nacta 
and Abarai Renji **

and Hope you like them !! ♥ XD 


Songs that Inspire .. part 6 ..

Happy New Year ..2013 !!

Hello everyone .. * Finally 2013 *

ok..! This year was not so good for me..
I've lost a lot of things and won! "life is good and bad" like a yin and yang..but Always, need to keep pace with changes .. but still Im fine xD so ....I just hope you all have a wonderful time!
Very Happy New Year everyone!!!

This video really made me smile
..Enjoy Tonight ;)

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