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♥ Ginko and Souken (birthday gift) ♥

Also, Happy Easter Everybody.. enjoy the weekend ^-^


..Never Leave Me..

Ah..okay! This drawing makes me really sad.. I dont like to see Nacta like that >.<
. . . I never draw him like this again. hahaha No no *just kidding* ;P
Okaaay, they are (my OCs) **Nacta and Magma** .. Magma is a princess and *they have their marriage vows. but Nacta actually loves Enna.. aww poor Magma *-* ehhehe  Still, Nacta can't live without Magma... complex complex relationships XDD and Also, according to Enna, Magma is the world's most ugly woman. hahahha ..she really hates her!! XD 
but...There is nothing i can do for it. she is such a girl X'DDD 
hahaha ok.. you must wait for the comic to more ;D

and Hope you like them <3


Clothes design for My Comic (NisAra)

Hello everybody!!

Okay...I've been drawing for a few days for it. I took a little longer to create new outfits and style for them.. But, sketches are complete now. 
So . . im happy ^-^ 

But, im going to create more characters for my comic as soon. I am writing now more properly the subject for my comic. So ..im a little busy right.  
. . . I hope everything will be all right as soon as possible ^^" 


..I'm always with you..

Idk why..but i'm not in a good mood today. I just feel broken. 
*ugh* sometimes, i don't even understand myself! im sorry for this . .  

.................... Marcus and Golda ....................
they *really* have a complex relationship. pain, sadness, tear ... 

yeah..Okay, that's all! Hope you like it. ♥


Into Cold Darkness

Okay .. They are my OCs *Marcus, Gothar, Enna and Nacta* ^^ 
I wanted to do them together. so Just i draw ♥ . . . Hope you like them . . .

for more ... CLICK


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Ching Li, Tigress, Lucianna and Electra group picture in casual outfit (LineArt) 

Ah..I need to do a little more commission. this is not enough! -.-

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