Winx Club - Flora and Bloom

Flora and Bloom safari outfit.. I just love safari outfits ^^
Really so sweet!! hehe..so, I wanted to draw them ...

© All rights to WinX CLub and Bloom belongs to Rainbow S.P.A. and Iginio Straffi. 

Well yeah, Dont forget to visit my DA page for more ..

andd I hope you have a great weekend.. Enjoy the Friday!! ;)


Wayfarer-Adventures Contest

Yeah!! I drew for this contest the last few days! I must confess *it's a little difficult* ..idk why, but i wanted to draw a different style XD *I think, i need to trying more on this subject* XP

Well, They are:
Olivia ♥ Azzedar ♥ Luna
They're really fantastic characters!! so i tried to do my best for them ..


and I hope you like them!! ^^ 
Aiiii ..plz wish me luck for the contest!!! XDD


Only Time ..

Just I like this song! Relaxing melodies ...

Enjoy the Music!!


I miss you ...

I dont know who you are.!
But still i want to see you again..I want to talk with you again!!!

Yeah! this madness!!
I'm so shy for it..for pain..for you
But, what should I do? I don't know what to do
you're always not there! and I just want to talk ..
Why is life so hard?! Damn!!! Now i want to cry!!
and it's all your fault!!!! Argh! I'm sick and tired of it!! Do you understand me?
Ahh ..dont think at all! ..you never care about me! Yeah!!
But I'm always waiting with a glimmer of hope for you! ....
Yeah! I know, it's just a dream!! so I pity myself ..ugh!
Idk why I wrote them all! Nonsense!!!!

Maybe i'm stupid..or idiot!. or just,
I miss you .......


Don't Cry..!

Yeah!! This time, i drew in a different style .. *I'm still trying*
and They are ..Golda and Marcus..

Well ...
Marcus REALLY in love with her! but Golda .... she's still confused about this!!
I think, she will never trust him ...

Okay..I think, there's nothing much to say!
sooo i hope you like them :)

new Blog theme ..

Yeah!! I must confess, i'm sick of my blog theme XD
soo I decided to change ..

GoodBye my old blog theme ...

so I hope you like my new blog theme :)

and btw, I can't draw these days
But soon..you will see a drawing I did for a contest which is important for me
Okay, i'm very excited for it XD Because, i did something different this time ;)

Well yeah, i hope have a great weekend for everyone!!


Stephanie Valentin

Today, I watched a few video about drawing ..But then,
i found her! and I said *Oh my God, she's Perfect* ..! O.O

(violinist, singer, composer, painter, sculptor, 
2D and 3D animator) she's really an Artist !!
And so, i wanted to share two video 

Realistic Eye

Megan Fox

Her drawings really Good!!! 
*I'm still having problems with colors* XD
....I have to improve myself!

and If you want, take a look at her youtube page .... 
( http://www.youtube.com/user/StephanieValentin )



Today is my mother's birthday! YEY!!! :D
sooo I wanted to do something for this special day!!
They are: Me My Mom My Sister 
**Family birthday partyyy XDD
*My mother liked it* so I feel happy ^^ 
I love you sooooo much Mom!!! You're always special to me!!!!

and I hope you have a Perfect weekend!!! ^^


Beach ..

I must confess ..the weather is really very hot !!!!
here almost, Temperatures 40 degrees!! and this is killing me! 
July, August 45°/50°..Oh, God! I don't want to think about the air temperature!! XD soo .. 
I wanted to draw my OC's for summer 
*Golda and RainaLooks like they enjoyed the beach ..
ahh .. I want to be there XDD lol

and I hope you like them ^^ ♥

My fav. day ...

hahaha Yeahh i love Friday!! ..soo I just wanted to share this picture XD 
**I found it on Facebook .. Have a Great Friday!! 


Lineart ..RQ

I draw for her http://gotwinx.deviantart.com/
i love her hair and shoes XD


Birthday gift ...

my best friend's Birthday! I hope she has a great day! ^^
and sooo I wanted to do something special to her for today! **birthday card** 
I wanted to draw them together..Kohana *her OC* and Golda *my OC*
They are celebrating her birthday!!!
I hope you like it ...

Btw, i continue to my comic ..but, I'll give it a month after the next pages 
*I need some restanyway, 
....I hope you all have a great day today! :)



Wow! This year summer really came too fast  ..and the weather is too hot!!! 
But this is bad for me ..because, The sun is literally hurting me! soo i have to use sunscreen all summer! i really hate that!! *i never sunbathe* 
poor me.. ugh -.-  I think i need to go to Alaska for vacation, when the summer comes .. ahaha, plz don't take pity on me XDD lol
hahahahha well ok, 
  Hope you have a nice day !!! :)


For my sister ..

Hey all! What'z up?! I hope you had a great weekend ..! :)
Well Yeah ..this is my sister request
She and Enna ...

This was a little crazy and cute pose XD but She like it!
and I hope you like them too ..


Horror Movies!

Yesss ...I returned to my normal activities!!
formerly *I used to watch horror movies every day*
and I adore horror movies!!! ahaha ok! I think, im Crazy!! XD 
But actually Blood makes me sick ..and ghouls, ghosts etc..
soo i love psychological thriller style movie! and the film final scene is a very important to me .. should not be ridiculous! 
**Yep!! I'm a little selective about it.. X) Well yeah, I watched a movie a few days ago * I know the movie is a bit old but Iliked this movie song! 
So i just wanted to share :)
I really liked .....

Also, i continue to draw comic!! and as I said earlier, 
'' hereafter, I'll not put here *next pages* ''
if you want, You can follow the comic here 
>>> http://cubur-nisara.blogspot.com/p/comic.html <<<
Have a Great weekend ....! :)

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