NisAra - Happy Birthday My Little Brother

 its my first mini comic.. :3

I love to draw like this things. But i always don't have much time to do them ...

。。Well ok, today is my characters *Marcus and Nacta* birthday! (ᅌ∀ᅌ*) So..i wanted to do something for them. You know..they are twin brothers ..so they celebrate birthday together. But Marcus never like this kind of thing..Today an ordinary day for him. But i can't say the same thing for Nacta ..he always wants to eat the largest piece of pie. So he ate all the cake now... X'DD *lol

☆~And now it's time to celebrate!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful day
..Enjoy sunday~☆

3 comment:

Kazhmiran dedi ki...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET TWIN BROTHERS.. Ahh suburni onlar çok tatlı oldular ama ya.. Şu Nactanın suratına bak.. Kimsede yok ha.. Tip ♥

CuBur dedi ki...

hahhaha XD Öyle oldu vallaha elimde değil karakter kendini belli ediyor ;P Ve teşekkür ederim cnm..sen olmasan olmazdı biliyon ^^ ♥

Kazhmiran dedi ki...

hahahaha saçmalama yahu ^^ ♥ seni sevyom ♥

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