..Some Plans..

---                                           ---

      ~Art trades
      ~Character sheets
      ~New characters
      ~Unfinished drawings
      ~and others
---                                          ---

Well.. Hello all!
  first of all, I'm really So tired! I know, i must sleep and need to rest for a bit. But i really dont have time for it! I love doing this job! but still, im pretty slow about it! And this causes late completion of all works!!! So, im just getting tired..! I know..it's all my fault! But i can't think of anything else right now... Yeah! I'm a terrible artist!!!!! but, this is too much won't work out that way !
I have to improve myself! Argh!!! but I dont know how to do it! This is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!! I am just very incompetent///(⇀‸↼)\\\

PS:  im really sorry for being such a slow..and for my all these ridiculous words. 
I'm having a bad day!

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Kazhmiran dedi ki...


CuBur dedi ki...

Anneme sinirlendim sonra kendime sinirlendim sonra bitmeyen resimlere sinirlendim ve şimdi ..... -_-

Kazhmiran dedi ki...

hmm anladım.. tamam şimdi nasılsın peki?

CuBur dedi ki...

iyi olmaya çalışıyorum..oyun fln oynıyım belki iyi gelir...*

Kazhmiran dedi ki...

umarım.. ne diyim.. sakin ol takma kafana bu kadar buda gelir geçer nede olsa... ^^ ♥

CuBur dedi ki...

Saol cnm ♥ iyiki sen varsın....ww

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