The simple things in a few hours..

I just tried some drawings . . .  
~Me/My sister characters and FanArts~ Just some stuff

BLEACH - Byakuya///Renji
© BLEACH -Kuchiki Byakuya and Abarai Renji belongs to Tite Kubo

The Dead Amulets - Moran//Rann//Auriga
© The Dead Amulets -Moran, Rann and Auriga belongs to Kazhmiran//CuBur

Naruto - Madara///Sasuke
© Naruto -Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Sasuke belongs to Masashi Kishimoto 

NisAra - Marcus///Pisacha
© NisAra -Marcus Kannarah belongs to CuBur//Kazhmiran
© The Bloody Lust -Pisacha Sessa belongs to CuBur//Kazhmiran

In fact, I need to do commissions! But i'm really sick today .. I finished them last night..and today, i can't get out of my bed!!! GOD! I hate it!! But i can't think of another thing..I guess, i need to get some rest (╥‸╥) I hope that is not a any problems about the commissions.. I just feel so messed up right now!!!


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