- The Bloody Lust - (Pisacha)

Hello everybody! ~ 
Today, I will talk to you all about my new comic.. ◝(◕▿◕)◜
                     **The Bloody Lust**
  Well ok, you already know..This comic is not like NisAra. Just have a very different subject. Perhaps erotic ... Between these two men. Yeah! So I think, i will not publish it on deviantart. So (This comic will be +18) . . I still don't know how to do it. but I want to do it! .... And, i don't know anything about the when will i start this comic. But i already started to write comic subject..
Also, Pisacha is not my main character on The Bloody Lust comic..I just loved him. So, i wanted to draw him for promotion... *You've seen this picture already here before *click* And I will introduce to you all the characters soon..But that's all for now! ... Yeah! This type of thing for me will be the first.
.........and so, i'm just very excited!!! (*✖∀✖*)

*PS: ..if you dont like that kind of stuff..(Yaoi/Gay..etc) Ok..it's your choice. 
But please, just don't send me bad comments about that. 

Hope you like it ~ Thank you

3 comment:

Kazhmiran dedi ki...

yaaaaaaaaaay.. finally sweetie ^^^

ahhhh meraktan çatlayacağım wallaha haa.... Diğerlerinede görmek için sabırsızlanıyorum ♥

CuBur dedi ki...

İnan bende XDDD Birisi çizse de bende paylaşsam vallaha hahahha (sadece şaka) ... Beğendiğine sevindim cnm ♥..Thank you sisi :*

Kazhmiran dedi ki...

Rica ederim şekerim ne demek ^^

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