Awesome Art - by *yuumei

I realllyyyyy love her Arts SO MUCH!!! Her drawings are Great! and always inspires me A lot ... So, i just wanted to share my fav one. *This picture tells a lot .. (awesome idea..wonderful desing) Really good! I just adore. *.*

For more perfect drawings
..check this out - Yuumei.DA


Also, I'm doing profile designs for my comic characters, these days. Desings will really take a little longer .. so, im just trying to draw more quickly ** I'm still pretty slow about drawing. ugh!
This is really disturbing!! -,-
Anyway, im going to do a little big profile page for them *School uniforms, Everyday clothes and transformation (for war)* .. I have already designed a profile page for them before. but I think..its just very plain and simple. So im doing it again (^v^)

Ok, that's all for now.. going, going..again.
. . Hope you all have a great day! 

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