Exhausting work days

Ah, hello everyone!
Okay, i feel very tired lately. Don't know why, but I just wanted to write my blog..these days ..I only draw for requests and commissions on DA!.. and really *This list is too long. ugh! why i'm so slow with drawings ..I think so, it will take a very long!! *60 odd RQ/COM*
and also, I'm trying to draw for my comic! You know, I draw *old pages* again. It was a little difficult.. and btw, I dont know why but i cant sleep well at night
-_- I just dont know what I should do! This is starting to annoy me!! And so, im very tired of all..!
I think ..i need coffee !! Maybe It's just helps me feel a little better..
and I hope you all had a good Monday! **see ya ..

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