New styles .. (sketch)

I'm just trying a new drawing shapes..for my girl OCs !!

Marcus and Golda

 But im still undecided about this..and feel very tired right now. 
So, just going on a break for a few days ..! Also im having a little trouble with my family ... *especially about my cats* this for 2 days made me pretty tired and not being able to sleep at nights .. It's not good! ugh!!! so just, i hope everything gets better as soon!! Because this is really annoying..! Anyway, im still sure there's a way :)

and hope you all have a good week.. *love* 
........see ya soon!

2 comment:

KashmirTxH dedi ki...

sweeet ♥ I love Marcus :P

CuBur dedi ki...

Thank you sisi.. im glad you like it x)

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