sketches sketches sketches...

Well I decided, i'm very irregular about drawing..
A lot of sketches!!!I don't know how do finish them off.....ugh!
Already as you know, Comics - no update this week.. and also.. I'm really so sorry for this -_- 
I think, i have to develop myself about it as soon as possible *draw faster*
Well yeah, i've got too much work to do...So, I'm going... tomorrow is terrible monday *i really just love friday* hahaha ok.. 
Take Care everyone

See ya soon... ;)

4 comment:

KashmirTxH dedi ki...

ohhhh god!!! so many sketch... that's bad...tese sketches soo hard ??? comic, nisara and darxdea sketches.. goodluck sweetie.. ohh!!! ;D

CuBur dedi ki...

No no.. not too hard but need some time *you know*
and Thank you sisi... :) ugh -.-

KashmirTxH dedi ki...

no no.. this is really hard :D I think :PPP

CuBur dedi ki...

hmm ok! ..Maybe XP

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