Ria Sommerfeld

Ria Sommerfeld - Fan Art *Winx Club Style*
Yeah! I just wanted to draw her ..because She's really so pretty and Other people say bad things about her..! idk why 
but I really don't like it .. and I dont agree with them !!!
sooo i draw her. I think, she doesn't deserve these bad words! ..... 
I just love Ria ^^ ♥

Now she looks like chocolate .. *-* and I like it XD héhé
.. this is my first of different hair work. 
sooo I hope you like her :3

2 comment:

チャーミーキティ dedi ki...

Riaaaaaa ^^ Oww sweetie,, She's looks soo perfect ^^.. aaamazing workk ^^ LOVEIT <3 Ilove this girl and IloveU my little sister :*

CuBur dedi ki...

Awww .. Thank you Very much hon ♥ Always thanks to you..you know ;)

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