I miss you ...

I dont know who you are.!
But still i want to see you again..I want to talk with you again!!!

Yeah! this madness!!
I'm so shy for it..for pain..for you
But, what should I do? I don't know what to do
you're always not there! and I just want to talk ..
Why is life so hard?! Damn!!! Now i want to cry!!
and it's all your fault!!!! Argh! I'm sick and tired of it!! Do you understand me?
Ahh ..dont think at all! ..you never care about me! Yeah!!
But I'm always waiting with a glimmer of hope for you! ....
Yeah! I know, it's just a dream!! so I pity myself ..ugh!
Idk why I wrote them all! Nonsense!!!!

Maybe i'm stupid..or idiot!. or just,
I miss you .......

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