Horror Movies!

Yesss ...I returned to my normal activities!!
formerly *I used to watch horror movies every day*
and I adore horror movies!!! ahaha ok! I think, im Crazy!! XD 
But actually Blood makes me sick ..and ghouls, ghosts etc..
soo i love psychological thriller style movie! and the film final scene is a very important to me .. should not be ridiculous! 
**Yep!! I'm a little selective about it.. X) Well yeah, I watched a movie a few days ago * I know the movie is a bit old but Iliked this movie song! 
So i just wanted to share :)
I really liked .....

Also, i continue to draw comic!! and as I said earlier, 
'' hereafter, I'll not put here *next pages* ''
if you want, You can follow the comic here 
>>> http://cubur-nisara.blogspot.com/p/comic.html <<<
Have a Great weekend ....! :)

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