but ..I still Love You!

Hey everybody! I'm back ..how are you? I hope you're fine!!
after a very bad Monday finally I'm here again ..
Idk why but i don't like Mondays!! hmm I think, everybody hates mondays! yeah??! XDD ahahhaa ok!
Well, this is my sister's request *again* 1/5 ( Enna & Nacta )

As you can see, Enna is unhappy again .. Yeah i said *again* ..because, You will see her often unhappy!!
She is the most unlucky character in my comic 
Nacta seems to doesn't love her but actually loves her!
but Enna doesn't know it. sooo she's always sad about it ..

... ooh GOD! date is approaching fast for comic O_O
and I'm still very excited for it! 
'' So I think, i started to draw nonsense things XD lol '' 
Well yeah, A reminder again ..The Comic begins May 11 
..Click here to learn the Comic subject 

and Don't forget to visit my page for more 
........... Have a Nice day everybody!! :)

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KashmirTxH dedi ki...

süüper beahh ^^ bööyle dewam :))))

CuBur dedi ki...

Thnxxx canııım héhéh .. ^^

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