NisAra - SummerTime

Yeah!.. Nacta and Enna has suspended classes for a while..and Now, they are enjoying the summer at the beach. Hahaha! ;D But Marcus is still working at the school.. Well ok, i guess he never will come of his own accord to the beach..lol (>▽<)
Okay, this time.. I made a different hairstyle ​​for Nacta. idk why..I just wanted to make! xP But i think he still looks good..do you think?.. **

yeah so..I just wanted to draw something for the summer..and That's all. I hope you all having a wonderful summer vacation..
unfortunately, i'm having a my summer holiday at home.. (⇀‸↼)
....So just..i hope you all have great time ^^ and Hope you like them.... ♥

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