About Comic (new update) ..WIP..

Hi everybody!
..I'll tell you now my new changes for the my comic (NisAra) .
Okay! I know, i don't do new comic pages for a long time .. Because, im still undecided on pages! *style and design* ... So, me and my sister have made a decision on this issue!
I draw *now* our comic pages again!.. Yeah! I know, this will take a little longer ..But i think i should do this !!!

...Because, i have made ​​many changes over them. they're not the same now! no longer primarily, i dont draw winx club style! and I'm very hesitant about color. I want to make a black and white comic .. But I think i cant do this! *this is (black/white) not suitable for my comic .. so I think, i will continue to color *again* and there's one last thing .. I was a little bit change to comic frames. **slightly larger and drawing of different :)

and ..I'll show you my first three pages! *WIP*

okay!! What do you think about the new pages? *plz comment on DA journal*
...I'm planning to draw them all over again as soon!
and I hope you like new comic pages design ♥

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