Okay!! first of all, it was REALLY very difficult to draw this gift!! ><
Because ..it was supposed to be a surprise. and my sister is always by my side! 
really, i thought that this drawing would never end XD but finally I did it! and that thing is very important to me :D

For you *sisi.. I hope you have a special wonderful day 
Thank you for being with me all the time! you're the best person in the world for me..
I think, i cant live without you! I love you SO MUCH sweety! 

Ok.. so i made ​​this birthday gift to you for your special day ♥ Me, my sister and our cat (Zuma) I just wanted to make a *chibi* celebrate the birthday party with family  [you and me forever] YAY!!! ^◡^

WELL OKAY!! that's all .. 
I think, there's nothing else to say ... 
again and again Happy Birthday toooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuu hon.. 
and i hope that the year ahead brings you lots of good luck!!

..Best wishes! Hope you like it! :)

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