Luna & Enna

This is my sister request .. ^^
she and me really very loves Luna character!! 
As I said earlier, Lunareth (http://lunareth.deviantart.com)
really inspires me!!! :D ...sooooo 
I wanted to draw together with Luna and Enna! 
(Winx Club Style) Luna is really sexy 
so, i tried to do a pose according to her ...
(I know Not so good!! 
I think, i should study a little bit more about it XDD)

Luna belongs to her http://lunareth.deviantart.com
Enna belongs to me .... and Don't forget to visit my page for more >>>>>>> http://cubur.deviantart.com :)

3 comment:

チャーミーキティ dedi ki...

wwwwwwwwwwoooooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.. my sister is PERFECT!!!!! I love u so much :))) Luna and Enna is amazing girls and beautiful.. I want moreeee.. please CuBur continue continueee.... <3 <3

CuBur dedi ki...

ahahahahahahaha Omg! Calm down sisi!! XDDD
You know, I'm trying for more ..just need some time for it ..! and Thank you so much!!!! <3 thanks to you all these things ;)

チャーミーキティ dedi ki...

my pleasure sweetie ^^

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