An encounter with the wrong ...

Yeah okay!! Today, i will give you some information about the my new first scenario .. :D 
I almost started to scenario!! 
I know, i'm a little too slow about it
But this is my first scenario and i was a LITTLE excited
ugh I just want to have the best of .. -.-

I started painting these days this kind of!! '' a moment '' XD

You know she's Enna and he's Nacta but ..
1 min, have a problem here
...omg! others?? Who they are???
hmm I think, Enna seems to be doesn't love them 
hahahahah but she's really ugly and that boy ..
ooh God! i can't look them XD 

If you want to know who they are
.. you know, will have to wait *scenario ;)

..............................more very coming soon! 

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