BLEACH - The Villains

  Oooh yes~ I love Renji's new clothes so muchヽ(=´▽`=)ノ♥ 
He was just really cool comeback..and Idk why, but..I'm reading the same chapters (561/562) every day. aww Renji..plz Marry me!!! Okay..I can't feel good about myself xD...But..In addition, I'm sorry about Rukia..I may not draw her clothes very well. Because, I couldn't see very detailed. So..If there is something wrong about it, I'm just sorry for that. ^^" 

and yeah..I love this style clothes..and ofcourse
..I also love BLEACH and Renji so much! ~so just, I wanted to draw them.... 
      *Yep, that's all! Hope you all like this. ~~Thank you//<3

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Kazhmiran dedi ki...

They are HOT!!!! ...

CuBur dedi ki...

awee..Thanks sisi~~//<3

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