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Hello everybody!

Yes! Finally, I've been a premium member again on deviantart. I even organized a theme for it! (ᅌ∀ᅌ*) If you want to see...
check out my DA page http://cubur.deviantart.com/

I dont know why but, i'm really excited for this year's Halloween! (oh no..we still don't celebrating here.) I'm excited because, i'm doing a really big drawing for today. I haven't done before such thing.. So i just can't keep my excitement!! I also hope you like that ..
Yeah..I know, i don't do much for a long time.. I'm just sorry for that! But i'm working for my NisAra comic. You know *new designs, clothes, characters, interior design, exterior design ..etc.* and Also ofcourse, im doing commissions, request and Art trades. ^^ So i can't update nothing much than to my gallery on DA and here. im so sorry again! I promise, i'll try to do something good again as soon. but for now, I have to go*for Halloween project* I hope it ends on time \(*´Д`*)/

So yeah, that's all... Hope you have a wonderful week!
. . . See ya soon, everybody!

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