Chibi Style..Girls

This is my new chibi drawing. This time..I used another style for my chibis. 
I want to do something like that for my characters too. but unfortunately, I dont have enough time for it TT_TT  Well...I have no idea who they are. xD I just wanted to work to a new chibi style... i'm still trying! . . . . . 

and I hope you like them. and my new chibi style.. 
(Chibi style..Boys are coming soon) ~Take care, everyone! (*^ᴗ^) ♥

2 comment:

KazmirSakura dedi ki...

Lan Cute bunlar ya.... :DDD

CuBur dedi ki...

hehe..Saol cnm ^^ ♥ Sayende öle oldular..

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