Old Project

This is my old project. Because then, i didnt want to continue.. xD
..so it remained incomplete. Idk why..Just i didn't want. 

Yeah! They are my Ocs Marcus and Nacta.. ^^ hehe.. They have big heads and eyes now. 
....and i think it's very cute..but Nacta dont like such things..Too bad! XDD 
I think, i'll never continue this .. Because i don't have enough time for it. hmmm ...
And also before this, i have to continue my comic! Ah....I really miss draw to my comic. 
I guess, i love making comics more than anything *.* aaaaaaaah ... I have to continue as soon as possible!!! *I like this so bad* ....ok ok! im going..see ya soon everyone! <3

2 comment:

KazmirSakura dedi ki...

marciiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... ahhhh suburniii neden full olarak koymadın??

CuBur dedi ki...

hmm bilmem.. xP Neyse, yazılar görünmesin boşver..

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