Drawing Plans for the end of the year ..!

OK guys! I have so many drawing plans for the end of this year.. *and already started for them* but it is quite tiring!! So i think, i need to do a little holiday at the beginning of the new year XD

Birthdays, Parties, Various group poses, RQs - Coms and Christmas .. ahh Yeah! I have so many plans for Christmas "sigh" I hope everything goes well -.-

Well yea.. I need to think positive!
Already i never draw when i'm angry..so i have to be quiet all the time! Too bad! >.< In fact, i want to visit a some places to get inspired these days!
... I think i need this!! :P

Anyway, i'm going again!! I will watching "one or two" movies with my family today. but before that *drawings* and if I like..maybe later i'll write 8D

Okay!! See you one week later .. (or maybe two week..In fact, I'm not sure yet) ahaha ok! I'm gooooooing .... Drawing sketches are waiting for lineart X)

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